The One of World's Two, Queen of United Kingdom Special Edition Leica Camera Now Sparks in Hong Kong

2011-09-09 16:06 1886

Being The Highlight of International Auction in Germany at This November

HONG KONG, Sept. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The Queen of United Kingdom Special Edition Leica Camera was tailor-made to the Queen Elisabeth by Leica camera factory at 1986 as the present for her 60th birthday, engraved with Great Britain Royal emblem and the year of 1986. There are only two pieces in the world, one is now with Queen Elisabeth since 1986 and the other one is the prototype camera now in Hong Kong. RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART is the largest Leica camera dealer in Germany, which holding twice International auctions yearly at Frankfurt, Germany.

As this prototype camera never existed in any auctions in the world, and hereby with the certificate by Mr. Lars Netopil -- one of the lead Leica camera appraisers in the world, being Honored to own the same camera with your highest, the estimated price now is over 60 times than normal edition, reaching EUR100,000 to EUR120,000 (or HKD1.1M to HKD1.32M) with unlimited appreciation value, thehighlight of this auction.

Mr. Nicolas Uhl, the CEO of RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART bring along with this rare Leica camera to Hong Kong media and collectors, says "The world-known Leica camera users as Queen Elisabeth and Prince Phillip often carry a Leica camera in public. Since Hong Kong was a British colony, there are collectors obsessed with the items from colony times, and some collectors showed interest to this prototype camera recently, therefore this camera will stay in Hong Kong for presenting to potential buyers and collectors until the auction in November."

The number of Leica camera enthusiasts and collectors, demanding ex-ordinary and rare Leica cameras, is increasing sharply in recent years. The quantity and sold price of International auction keep breaking the record. The Leica camera collectors were Europeans and start shifting to Japanese and Thai in Asia. Moreover, the number of collectors from the Greater China region is also growing rapidly in Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In view of this, RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART established a department in Hong Kong this year. Mr. Uhl says: "The reason for establishing a department in Hong Kong is that we see great potential in the Greater China market in the foreseeable future. As there are more and more ex-ordinary Leica camera collectors in the Greater China region, we are keen to providing quality customer service and a Leica camera collective items trade platform to these collectors, leading growth in the industry. We might also hold similar auctions in Hong Kong or in Mainland China in the future."

Queen of United Kingdom Special Edition Leica Camera


RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART was founded in 1910, is the largest Leica dealer in Germany with over a century history, the headquarter base in Frankfurt, Germany. The 10 pieces tailor-made limited edition M9 cameras by Leica camera factory was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART at September 3, 2010.

Mr. Nicolas Uhl, being a century of family friends and business partner of Leica, is the fourth-generation descendant of RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART. He has seen the business changes with Leica. He is now the CEO of this leading Company in the industry and initiates the International auction twice a year in May and November in Frankfurt, Germany.


RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART OVERSEAS LTD is the RAHN AG FOTO & FINE ART's department in Hong Kong, providing quality customer service to Leica enthusiasts in Greater China. The coverage includes after-sales service and maintenance, regular seminars, workshops, latest camera information and camera trading platforms.

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