The China Guide Offers History Lovers an Alternative to the Usual

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BEIJING, June 25 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Beijing offers travelers insight into China's culture and heritage. Visitors learn about customs and history through the many famed city sites including the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace. What most guests forget is that Beijing also has great museums that offer an intimate look into Beijing's past and future. The China Guide, a Beijing-based travel company, is offering museum visits with a private guide as part of their city tours.

The Capital Museum offers a large array of exhibitions housed in both classic and modern beauty, providing insight in Beijing's past. The building was designed with traditional architecture in mind but offers modern museum amenities indoors including multi-media elements. Judy Huang, Travel Manager of The China Guide says, "History fans will appreciate the Capital Museum's collections and get an alternative experience outside of the normal tourist sites."

A growing city like Beijing also raises curiosities about the future and not just the past, giving The China Guide the opportunity to promote the Beijing Planning Museum. "This is an out-of-the-ordinary museum that most travelers aren't even aware of," adds Huang. "Our guests are always amazed by the city and its constant evolution, the Planning Museum is a great place to showcase the modern elements of Beijing."

The Beijing Planning Museum offers scale models of the city as well sculptures showcasing the ancient city layout, offering insightful comparisons.

The China Guide is customizing Beijing and China itineraries to match with guests' interests. They work with clients to build a unique travel experience that can include less-known sites such as the Capital and Planning Museum.

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The China Guide, , is a Beijing based travel agency, American owned and operated. Specializing in western-style service and quality with hassle free web bookings, they work with clients to customize tours that match their travel style. Operating only in China, they have up to date knowledge and offer exciting experiences for travelers including their famous Sleep on the Great Wall tour. The China Guide avoids the common factory shopping stops that are not reflective of the true China.

Source: The China Guide