The Upcoming MOCREO(TM) Music Receiver Connects All Your Audio Speakers

2014-02-24 23:00 805

HONG KONG, February 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- There are lots of choices for music lovers to play music, such as, wired audio speaker that doesn't offer wireless streaming. MOCREO has been developing practical devices that enable you to add Bluetooth to an existing set of powered speakers, and even more, to connect all your audio systems and speakers around the house at the same time.

MOCREO Wireless Bluetooth v3.0 Music Receiver Adapter for Audio Speakers

MOCREO™ Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter comes in a small and specially designs for adding Bluetooth streaming capabilities to any powered speaker and home stereo with an audio input. Users can simply plug the connector, and they can play music from your Bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly. The discreet and elegant design of the Receiver will complement any home stereo system. Its small unobtrusive footprint fits easily next to the stereo or speakers.

MOCREO™ Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver Adapter is now available on DX, along with the: Considering its price, it is a cheap and easy way to add wireless audio streaming to any powered speaker system or audio component with a spare input.

MOCREO Wifi Music Receiver

MOCREO™ Wifi Music Receiver is a super versatile device by MOCREO that is being developed. What makes it distinguished from the mentioned adapter above is that this Wifi Receiver not only can add Bluetooth feature to existing audio speakers, but also can bring the entire home audio systems and speakers together on a dedicated wireless network, transforming the stereo or home theater into a music steaming system.

MOCREO™ Wifi Music Receiver comes with an App, allowing more than one phone control of the music and playlist. This feature enables your friends to connect to the app and add their tunes to the playlist. With the Wifi Receiver App, users can play their music from any device, such as smartphones and tablet, to stream different songs in each room or hear the same beat everywhere.

MOCREO™ Wifi Music Receiver is being developed further and more awesome features will be announced when it is released. DX will continue to keep customers informed of the latest news.