Tourists' Perceptions of Holiday Costs in Asia Vary Widely, Reveals Skyscanner

2012-06-04 07:01 892

SINGAPORE, June 4, 2012/PRNewswire-Asia/ --

A study by leading travel search site Skyscanner has shown there can be huge misconceptions between the perceived cost of holiday destinations and the actual costs.

The annual study of 30 popular holiday destinations revealed that India is perceived to be the cheapest country by tourists while in fact it came in fifth place in the actual cost rankings and when the cost of flights from the UK was factored in, India came in 16th place in the overall rankings, beating destinations such as Brazil and Mexico and making it the cheapest long-haul destination for British tourists.

However, in some cases tourists were very accurate in their perception. Thailand was in second place both in terms of the public's perception and the actual country cost.

On the other hand, Japan was overestimated by the public and was actually cheaper than perceived, jumping 13 places from fourth most expensive to number 14 in the actual country cost rankings.

Skyscanner's Market Development Manager for India, Kavitha Gnanamurthy, commented: "While the public's perception of holiday costs in Asia varies, our study confirms that countries such as India offer tourists some of the best value in the world and of course an abundance of beautiful scenery and historic monuments."

Rank Perceived Country Cost Ranking Actual Country Cost Ranking (one day cost) Actual Country Cost Ranking Incl. Flights (one week cost)
1. India Morocco Poland
2. Thailand Thailand Germany
3 Poland Poland Portugal
4. Morocco Portugal Spain
5. Egypt India UK
6. Mexico Spain Ireland
7. Croatia Egypt Morocco
8. Dominican Republic Ireland France
9. Brazil UK Egypt
10. Portugal Germany Greece
11. Greece New Zealand Croatia
12. South Africa Cyprus Italy
13. Spain Iceland Denmark
14. USA Japan Sweden
15. Cyprus Mexico Cyprus
16. Russia South Africa India
17. Canada Greece Iceland
18. New Zealand Dominican Republic Switzerland
19. Germany France Russia
20. Australia Croatia Dubai
21. Italy Dubai Thailand
22. Ireland Italy South Africa
23. France Canada Japan
24. UK USA Canada
25. Dubai Australia USA
26. Iceland Russia Dominican Republic
27. Japan Denmark Australia
28. Denmark Sweden Mexico
29. Sweden Brazil New Zealand
30. Switzerland Switzerland Brazil

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