Trend Spotting: RELLECIGA Leads the 2013 Spring & Summer Lace Bikini Fashion

2013-01-08 22:00 903

GUNAGZHOU, China, January 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- To the beach, ladies! As 2013 begins, it's time to update your closet for the coming summer, and there's no easier way to inject some new elements into your bikinis than throwing on a lace trend. Beach Bunny, Victoria's Secret, Doll, Ami and RELLECIGA cannot wait to launch new series of lace swimwear this season. Lace is the next trend. There is no doubt about it, ladies!

Lace is a material that can be found at all kinds of stores and in all kinds of brands - every price point has lace. Beach Bunny, Victoria's Secret, DOLL and RELLECIGA are always one step ahead of fashion trends with incredibly stylish designs. That's the very reason people are so in love with their bikinis, tankinis and one-pieces. Every spring and summer people are desperate to get one swimsuit from them. This year, they will certainly not miss the up-to-date lace fashions, especially the lace bikinis from RELLECIGA, which are gorgeous, stylish and NOT expensive.

RELLECIGA cherishes the inspiration designers bring out and sharing them with you. For the coming 2013 summer bikini season, RELLECIGA is taking sexy lace bikinis really seriously. So, get the lace bikini you've always wanted with RELLECIGA; and remember, lace is always better on RELLECIGA bikinis.

Lace is a complicated fabric to wear. One must ensure that other elements fit well, as lace pulls across the body when an item is too tight. This material is beautiful and rich, particularly in the Neon/Coral colors that RELLECIGA comes in, or in "jewel" tones. However, during hot months, a classic lace shift dress or lace camisole might be particularly flattering with summer skin and highlights. When by the pool, a bikini with some lace overlay or a sweet eyelet lace detail is the perfect mix of cute, sexy and fun.

As we mentioned above, lace, as an element to bikinis, is a material that can be found at all kinds of stores and in all kinds of brands. A recent lace sighting has been the lace collection of RELLECIGA. They are young, cut and extremely sexy. The colors are also admirable. This lace look might be perfect for those who enjoy open swimming environments, like swimming pools or the beach.

The real good of a piece of RELLECIGA Lace Bikini, which you will find, is that it should show, first, that the designer of it had a pretty fancy idea; next, that the maker of it had fine fingers; lastly, that the wearer of it has worthiness or dignity enough to obtain what is difficult to obtain, and common sense enough not to wear it on all occasions. To the beaches, ladies!

Whatever improves the lace and makes it more beautiful, is right. RELLECIGA has done it right! In March, all people around the world will see these gorgeous bikini pieces from RELLECIGA. Then here comes the final question: Is the lace bikini expensive? No Way! Don't bother yourself with the "price" thing any longer, because RELLECIGA is about to amuse you with surprises, both in price and style!

The reason why girls can buy such excellent RELLECIGA bikinis at sunny little prices is because RELLECIGA is one of the largest sexy bikini manufacturers in the Asia region. The RELLECIGA factory is located in China and has 300+ employees. RELLECIGA has what you are looking for, and more. With a total investment of USD$5,000, 000, RELLECIGA supplies all types of sexy bikinis and has an annual output of over 1, 500, 000 pieces. RELLECIGA mainly sells products to US, Europe, Australia, Japan, South America, South Africa, East South Asia, Korea and Taiwan.

RELLECIGA is excited to announce the launch of its newest bikini collection in March, 2013. Featuring tons of new prints, colors, and, most importantly, lace. It's going to be one of the best! To browse the newest collection, click, or visit the authorized reseller of RELLECIGA Bikinis: