United Way and China Charity Federation Sign Partnership Agreement

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2011-09-14 05:25 1508

BEIJING, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- United Way Worldwide and China Charity Federation today officially signed a partnership agreement, welcoming future collaboration that will improve lives and strengthen communities. Delegations led by United Way Worldwide President and CEO Brian Gallagher and China Charity Federation President Fan Baojun signed the partnership agreement at the Federation headquarters in Beijing, China.


The new partnership will pursue strategies to develop employee engagement and community initiatives in education, income and health across the People's Republic of China, as well as other initiatives. The 125-year United Way track record of engaging communities and businesses paired with China Charity Federation's popular support generates new opportunities to create shared value and have a positive impact on development of Chinese civil society.

"United Way is proud to have the China Charity Federation as a partner," said Brian Gallagher, president and CEO of United Way Worldwide. "This partnership will allow both organizations to learn from one another and share effective practices and strategies. Importantly, it will also mean that more lives are improved and more communities are strengthened here in China and around the world." 

As one of the largest nonprofit organizations in China, the China Charity Federation has conducted social work and disaster relief, as well as raised awareness about charitable involvement since 1994. The formalization of the partnership is the next step in a 13-year relationship between the two organizations, and welcomes a new era of international cooperation and civil society engagement.

China Charity Federation President Fan Baojun said, "This partnership is an opportunity for China to share its long history of philanthropy and community involvement, and an opportunity for the China Charity Federation to become more involved with United Way, a well-respected international organization."

As the largest privately-supported nonprofit in the world, United Way is a leader in connecting businesses with communities and developing successful, transparent  programs with measurable results that create positive, long-term change in communities. United Way partners and partnerships are governed by the United Way Global Standards in the areas of governance, ethics, financial accountability, transparency and relationship management, which create a normative international philanthropic structure.

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China Charity Federation is a nationwide, non-governmental organization made up of more than 273 affiliates across mainland China whose purpose is to uphold the spirit of humanitarianism and render social services. Founded in 1994, China Charity Federation targets indigent areas and groups with sustainable development programs. To learn more about the China Charity Federation, please visit: or

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