Wedding Dresses Development for Autumn & Winter

SHENZHEN, China, August 5, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/-- It is distributed by Vogue that four features can be summarized in the following autumn and winter seasons about wedding dresses. These dresses range from royal renaissance styles to elegant fishtail in design. As for material and handcrafts designers, they emphasize in 'luxury' and 'complicate', while they make the dresses unique through taffeta and folded designs.

The innovative intricate designs will dominate the market through details such as paillette and embroidery. The designers are trying to design those with three-dimensional effects, like taffeta and high waistline designs to make the whole dress elegant.

Royal Renaissance Dresses

In the New York Fashion Week, A-line wedding dresses with a belt look classic and creates a harmony among geometrical lines, light chiffon skirt and embroidery without a cumbersome feeling.

Mermaid Bridal Dresses

The second series of mermaid dresses are mostly sheath styles, which makes the bride slim and tall.

They are ideal dresses for those witty women.

Luxury and Complicate dresses

The third of the trends is the dresses that emphasize details and superior materials. They also strive to decorate the dress through matching jewelries.

Folded Taffeta Dresses

The last series is the very example of dresses that combine simple and intricate designs. Slim sheath taffeta style, that is then decorated with layers of lace, which make the bride the princess at the wedding.

After a general understanding of the wedding dress fashion trends, those newly-engaged brides-to-be can adjust the design of their dream dresses to make them fashionable.

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