Yinquan Will Launch IBCC Soon

JINAN, Shandong, June 30 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China VoIP & Digital Telecom Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CVDT) subsidiary, Jinan Yinquan Technology Co., Ltd. will officially launch an International Business Communication Center (IBCC) in mid-July in China. IBCC is a comprehensive business platform, providing video, communications, management and marketing services to enterprise users. It can also be customized to suit individual user’s needs. The platform is currently under pilot testing.

IBCC for enterprise users

As a comprehensive platform for video, management and communications, IBCC provides one-click access for telephone, email, fax, message and video services using CRM or an enterprise address book. It supports CRM and OA (office automation) management systems and can recognize live video remote login, monitoring and data storage. It also supports audio and video conferences with 20 different lines. Enterprise users can use the IBCC platform to monitor and manage real time telecom charges.

Enterprise users can also expand on IBCC’s call center functionality and configure it for after-sale service and telemarketing. In addition, an IBCC can be expanded to an online shopping platform since the video functionality from an IBCC can help customers identify and better evaluate online products.

IBCC for individual users

The IBCC platform can easily be customized for individual users. It features personal schedules, one-click personal address books, and personal and work information inquiries. It offers a secure private online space for individuals and can also search for customized personal shopping information.

Another advantage of IBCC is that it can provide both enterprise and individual users with low cost and focused marketing. All IBCC users can exhibit their products and services on the IBCC platform through . Leveraging the IBCC platform, users can accomplish point-to-point information dissemination, demand feedback and two-way communication functions.

Commenting on the IBCC platform, Mr. Li Kunwu, Chairman and CEO of CVDT stated, “We believe IBCC can meet the information management demand from China’s small to medium sized enterprises. It provides an excellent opportunity for companies to execute focused marketing strategies to maximize value for its users. We believe IBCC has great market potential and bright growth prospects!”

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