Youku Index Officially Launched

2010-03-12 14:41 927

Online Ranking to Track the Most Popular Videos in Real-time

BEIJING, March 12 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Youku, China's leading Internet video website, today announced the official launch of the Youku Index, an online video ranking to track the most popular videos in real-time. Youku is the first Chinese online video site to provide such an information service.

Analyzing the behaviours of 200 million unique visitors to Youku every month, the Index ( ) provides advertising decision-makers an accurate measure of viewers' choices.

Yao Jian, Youku's CTO, explained that the Youku Index is a composite score formed from content searches, plays, comments, and ratings data. He believes the Youku Index to be both fun and functional, and will possibly create another popular online video application in addition to netizens getting used to "watching, searching, entertaining, uploading and shooting" online videos. He also emphasized that the Youku Index aims to be explicit and intuitive.

With 67,231,759 views, 52,973 comments and 1,759,827 searchings, The Next Stop: Happiness (Xia yi zhan, Xing Fu) scored 9,418 to claim top spot in the Top 10 TV Serials on the Youku Index on its first day. The second and third places went to Destined to Love You and Temptations from the Wife, respectively. Last year's video views champion Snail House scored 7,302, coming in fourth.

The Youku Index includes four major applications: Index Ranking, Exponential Curve, Data Report, and Index Comparisons. The beta version was launched on November 11, 2009, and has improved since, with more functions added, such as the real time Top 10 TV Serials.

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Source: Youku
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