A Full Range of PHNIX Inverter EVI House Heating Heat Pumps to Release in North America

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GUANGZHOU, China, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- PHNIX, China's leading heat pump manufacturer, remains optimistic about its North American market developing in 2020. PHNIX's key North American business partner recently visited PHNIX China headquarters, and senior PHNIX executives will soon visit the United States. Mr. Peter Wang, Deputy General Manager in charge of PHNIX global overseas business, said the cooperation with key North American business partners is progressing.

Mr. Jab Fan, Director of PHNIX House Heating Division, stressed PHNIX has finished the planning of the product line for North America in 2020. "We expect that the North American market shipments of the high-end product line in 2020 will far exceed the previous fiscal year. The product line with the largest increase may be the planned PHNIX DC inverter house heating heat pump series and R410a inverter EVI series."

The photo shows the applications of PHNIX Inverter EVI Heat Pump in Sweden
The photo shows the applications of PHNIX Inverter EVI Heat Pump in Sweden

Highlights of PHNIX heat pumps for North America--

Energy Saving Up To 30%  PHNIX DC Inverter Heat Pump can work efficiently through floor heating, a water fan coil or a radiator for heating/cooling. This series of unit utilizes advanced heat pump technology to achieve high efficiency with a COP of 5.0. The energy consumption of Hero Series is 30% less than that of normal heat pump units.

Be Successfully Applied in Northern China PHNIX Inverter EVI house heating/cooling heat pump series have been successfully applied in the north and northwest of China in the last winter. In the northern winter -31℉ ambient temperature, the unit outlet water temperature reaches 140℉ which is stable and performs well when used in house heating applications.

Efficient operation from -31 to 125  PHNIX Inverter EVI house heating/cooling heat pump series are stable at -31℉ ultra-low temperature to 125℉ high temperature. The highest water temperature can reach 125℉. In addition, due to multiple noise reduction technologies such as a silencer, noise insulation and noise absorption, the unit can achieve only 42dB under mute mode.

PHNIX New 4G-DTU Remote Controller PHNIX Inverter EVI house heating/cooling heat pump series has a 4G-DTU module inside the control board which can connect to internet with 4G Mobile signal automatically. Then, all the data of the heat pump will be transferred to the cloud (server) for sellers and users to easily control the heat pump and check the unit running condition. 

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