A glimpse of Meishan: Hometown of Su Dongpo

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BEIJING, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on Meishan and Dongpo culture:

Sometimes, a city becomes well-known for a single special person. This is exactly the case with Su Dongpo and his hometown Meishan.

As a poet, writer, painter and calligrapher, Su, who lived between 1037 and 1101, is not only a literary giant in Chinese history, but also a world-renowned icon.

In 2000, the French newspaper Le Monde selected 12 heroes of the millennium. Su was the only Chinese listed. Jean-Pierre Langellier, a reporter of the newspaper, revealed that the decision to list Su, rather than Leonardo da Vinci, was because the latter's achievements were concentrated in the field of art, while Su was an outstanding artist as well as gifted in literature and a wide spectrum of areas.

Su wrote a parable entitled "Ri Yu," or "The Blind Man's Idea of the Sun." The story was about a blind man trying to understand the sun from the description of others. It stressed the importance of personal observation to acquire integrated knowledge. It was said that Albert Einstein used to quote this parable to illustrate the average man's idea of the theory of relativity. From this story, we can feel Su's huge impact on our world.

Meanwhile, Su's achievements and stories have also nurtured the civilization in his hometown, giving birth to the ever-lasting Dongpo Culture. Known as "the city of poems and books for a thousand years," Meishan enjoys a confidence and rich culture brought about by the achievements of Su.

However, the clever and resourceful Meishan people will never content themselves with Su's artistic and literary works alone. They have sought to integrate Su's spirit into everyday life. Various Dongpo recipes are typical examples. They include Dongpo pork hock, which has a shiny glaze, and tastes tender and flavorful; the Dongpo pickles, which are crunchy and savory; and Dongpo tangerines, which are fragrant, sweet and juicy. These foods are so delicious and attractive that travelers coming across them on the street cannot help but stop to satisfy their appetite, putting aside for a while their original destinations.

Su Dongpo is not the only signature figure of Meishan. The city is also known for Peng Zu, a legendary figure who was said to live for the longest time in Chinese history. According to legend, Peng Zu was born around 2000 B.C., and lived for over 800 years. The legend, combined with the good air, advanced public facilities and rich tourism resources in Meishan, have made the city a popular resort for convalescence and rehabilitation today.

Endowed with abundant resources in history, Meishan has become even more dynamic today. As a part of the Tianfu New Area, which is a national-level new economic zone in China, Meishan enjoys a great advantage in geographical location. Full of vigor and business opportunities, the city is at the forefront of the opening up campaign in Western China. So far, it has established trade relations with more than 70 countries and regions. Many international projects, including the Sino-French Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the China-Japan International Health City, and the Sichuan-Hong Kong Cooperation Demonstration Park, have been launched so far. Besides, many important international events, including the UNESCO International Conference on the Future of Historic Villages and Towns, the China Bamboo Cultural Festival, and the China Pickled Food International Expo, have been held in the city.

We get to know Meishan because of Su Dongpo. The city boasts not only a profound culture, but also a beautiful environment and infinite vitality. Today, it is opening itself up on all fronts. Full of self-confidence, it invites the world to come and see the truth of these words.

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A glimpse of Meishan: Hometown of Su Dongpo

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