AUKEY's Omnia Chargers Shrink Charging Tech to a Whole New Level

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SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- AUKEY's new Omnia series of chargers made its debut at CES 2020 and attracted strong interest due to the impressive power-to-size ratio. Omnia chargers offer up to 100W of power from the footprint of a regular phone charger, a feat possible due to AUKEY's latest OmniaChip, which makes use of gallium nitride (GaN) circuitry to slash size and weight.

AUKEY's Omnia Chargers Shrink Charging Tech to a Whole New Level
AUKEY's Omnia Chargers Shrink Charging Tech to a Whole New Level

The OmniaChip at the heart of each of the new Omnia chargers was developed in collaboration with GaN specialists Navitas. AUKEY and Navitas have worked together in the past, but for the Omnia project the partnership was deepened.

As a semiconductor, GaN offers 1000 times greater efficiency than traditional silicon, 100 times faster switching speeds, and up to 90% size reduction for the same power output. Nobody likes bulky chargers, and so this technology brings direct practical benefits that anyone can appreciate. It's also helping to blur the distinction between phone chargers and laptop chargers, as all the chargers in the Omnia series are capable of powering laptops in addition to fast-charging mobile devices.

The dual-port chargers in the series also offer AUKEY's proprietary Dynamic Detect technology, which is a method of intelligently allocating power across the ports. This means that rather than the total power being split across two ports, when only one port is in use it's possible to direct the entirety of the available power to that one port. For example, the dual-port 100W model is able to output all 100W to a single device (e.g. a 16" MacBook Pro), rather than being restricted to 50W because the rest of the power is reserved for the other port.

At present there are a total of five chargers in the Omnia series, ranging from 61W to 100W. These are all capable of fast-charging PD smartphones such as iPhones, and the models with two USB-C ports can fast-charge two devices at the same time at maximum speed. All are perfect for charging a Nintendo Switch, and even the smallest model can charge a 13" MacBook Pro at top speed. The largest model is able to charge the latest 16" MacBook Pro at the maximum speed it allows.

The Omnia series of chargers will be available in Q2 2020, and AUKEY has plenty more cutting-edge charging technology in the works.


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