BabyTree announces strategic investment in three companies, accelerating its global expansion

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BEIJING, Aug. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BabyTree recently announced the latest progress of its strategic investments: completion of strategic investment into Zoetic, a US-based brand renowned for AI companion robots with social features for children, Parent Lab, an online parenting content provider with strong science background, and Littlelights, who focuses on early childhood English education online via AI technology. The investments on these North American players are BabyTree's steps toward global expansion. By empowering companies with cutting-edge technologies in the maternity & child (M&C) sector, BabyTree will facilitate the application and popularization of the latest AI technology among young families across the globe.

BabyTree is one of the largest and most active online maternal & child-rearing platform in China
BabyTree is one of the largest and most active online maternal & child-rearing platform in China

As we are ushering in the era of IoT, smart devices are widely recognized as the portal of traffic for the next generation, and robots as the driver to further develop smart devices. Zoetic AI is a social companion robot company headquartered in Silicon Valley. Its self-developed robot Kiki is the world's first robot pet that can develop its own personalities. During its interaction with users, Kiki would develop different personalities based on users' responses. Kiki is not only the best companion to children as they grow up, but also serves an important role in family education. Kiki made its debut in this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and soon becomes one of the most popular robots in 2019. In the future, BabyTree will work with Zoetic AI to explore the research and development and production of robot pets.  

Originally from Silicon Valley and with China as its key market, Littlelights, the AI online English enlightenment education company, is also a partner of BabyTree as the latter extends its reach to the technological parenting sector. The trend of "Internet + education" as well as users' habit of using online education and training have fostered the steady growth of the online education industry in China. The number of online education users will grow at 15% annually and is expected to exceed 400 million by 2024, with an overall market size of RMB450 billion, according to the Report of Market Prospective on China Online Education Industry (2019) published by the Forward Industry Research Institute. Gkid, an online English education platform launched by Littlelights, provides English enlightenment education for Chinese kids aged 3 to 8 through live-streaming lessons delivered by virtual AI teachers. BabyTree believes that live-streaming classes powered by AI will be the future of online education, which will not only cut down the high cost of the current one-to-one model, but also realize quality, inclusive education from the root.

Parentlab conducts academic research with Stanford University, UCLA, Columbia University on combining together child development psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness meditation, and provides parents with systematic and practical education programs in a caring community. BabyTree's investment in Parentlab will help launch fundamental research on scientific parenting with top universities in the U.S. to explore innovative breakthroughs in scientific parenting and personal growth.

Quoting from a representative of BabyTree,"The investment logic of BabyTree is very simple. Our investment will precisely target at our users' needs and demands. This is the reason why we tap into the growing M&C markets in the U.S. and India and build connections with first-class brands through capital investment. As a technology-driven company, BabyTree hopes to empower more quality technology companies in the parenting sector so as to lead young families to a better life."

It is obvious that BabyTree has been dedicated to exploring and developing domestic and overseas M&C family service markets through investment. By leveraging its healthy cash flows, BabyTree continues to invest in portals with huge traffic, consolidates and establishes new industrial barriers, and improves ARPU, while exploring new user traffic and new businesses, with a view to building a service ecosystem for young families worldwide.

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