Blaser Swisslube: machining expertise thanks to its in-house Technology Centre

2013-03-11 17:00 1975

HASLE-RUEGSAU, Switzerland, March 11, 2013 / PRNewswire/ -- Lubricant company Blaser Swisslube has extended its modern Technology Centre to about 300 square meters of floor space at its Head Office in Hasle-Ruegsau (Switzerland). For the last four years, this is where the latest metalworking fluids are tested and the versatile machining operations of its customers and partners are recreated in a realistic way. The Technology Centre enables Blaser machining specialists to provide customers with cutting and grinding fluids that deliver an effective form of added value and help optimize their productivity, economic efficiency as well as the quality of their machining operations. Test results provide convincing evidence.

Two 5-axis machining centres, one turning and milling centre, a 5-axis tool grinding machine and two new CAD/CAM workplaces: Blaser Swisslube has created optimum conditions for simulating and testing the latest machining technologies in its Technology Centre, founded in 2008. "That enables us to provide our customers with even better levels of support, and help them improve their productivity and economic efficiency, as well as to optimize the quality of their machining operations," explains CEO Marc Blaser. In addition to the tests conducted on recently developed metalworking fluids for the machining of an incredibly diverse range of materials, and the close-to-reality simulation of production situations, the infrastructure enables machining seminars to be conducted from the Blaser head office site in Hasle-Ruegsau. In collaboration with customers, universities, colleges of advanced technology or trade associations, innovative machining technologies and the latest materials are tested with various metalworking fluids, after which the processes as well as the cutting and grinding fluids can be optimized and developed even further.

From coolant to liquid tool

CEO Marc Blaser: "Tests demonstrate that the three factors of productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality depend in large part on the choice and quality of metalworking fluid and on the expertise of the machining specialists." Accompanying that optimum choice of metalworking fluid is the technical expertise of Blaser especialists in Sales, in the R&D laboratory, in the Technology Centre and in Customer Service that gives Blaser partners real tangible benefits. "This technological expertise transforms our cutting and grinding fluids into a liquid tool, and into a precisely engineered solution to meet the specific needs of each of our partners." Info:

Source: Blaser Swisslube