CES 2021 Taiwanese startup LabEatalot created SLIMCA, the world's thinnest voice recorder ever made

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TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The scenarios of using voice recorders during our daily lives have increased significantly over the past few years. From the most usual business meetings to secret evidence investigations, the need for a portable and discrete voice recorder increased. SLIMCA, the thinnest 2.4mm recording card in the world created by LabEatalot, is here to protect personal privacy and rights.

Just like another card you use every day

LabEatalot has recently created SLIMCA, the world's thinnest voice recorder, only the size of two stacked credit cards. This slim and powerful recording card is equipped with an AI system to reduce the background noise in different environments. This helps to provide crystal clear sounds for the users. In addition, the card is able to identify and record voice farther than 5 meters away, and it only takes 0.2 seconds to switch on and start recording. SLIMCA can give the badge holder the function of recording immediately. Coupled with the wireless synchronization function, the recording can also be stored in the cloud no matter it is taken away or not.

SLIMCA is so thin that users can put it in the ID case, or use it with a phone case that can hold cards. This provides a low profile and easy access for anyone who needs to record anything at any time. In addition, SLIMCA can be used as a personal assistant. Whenever you want to record, just press a button to record immediately.

The recording file is stored in the SD card and it can be charged via magnetic USB cable. Sound data can be upload via WiFi via APP and can be set to automatically back up to Google Drive. It could also wirelessly sync to the mobile app and generate the voice into a text file transcript.

A startup full of passion to make all living an easier life

Since established in 2018, LabEatalot provides home security consulting and technology with partners who are developing related systems. They are specialized in supporting large sensor coverage without any false alarm with 100% privacy guaranteed. The system can also be further applied to visitor management and pet tracking.

To change to another gear, LabEatalot has started this new project of SLIMCA, looking to bring out innovative products to solve our daily pain points. For their distinguished performance, LabEatalot is being selected as one of the 100 featured startups to exhibit at the Eureka Park of CES 2021, LabEatalot is supported by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) to explore more business opportunities.

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