Chengdu 2021 Universiade: An Invitation to the World

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BEIJING, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on Chengdu 2021 Universiade:

The 31st Summer World University Games will start in the Chinese city of Chengdu on Aug. 18, 2021. This will be the third time that the Chinese mainland has hosted the Summer Universiade, and the first time an international multi-sport event has been held in western China.

Next year, young people from across the globe will gather in what is known as the "happiest city in China."

Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province, has been a thriving industrial, commercial and cultural metropolis since ancient times. Apart from being home to the much-loved giant panda, the city is also famous for its food and leisurely lifestyle.

In addition, sports have deep roots in this vibrant and joyful city. As the birthplace of the millennia-old ancient Shu civilization, a rich cultural heritage of sports has been preserved there right up to the present day. Chengdu residents are passionate about keeping fit, and the city is among the places with the highest exercise rate in China. In the past three years alone, Chengdu has hosted 56 international sports events and more than 160 national ones.

Hosting the Universiade brings Chengdu one step closer to its goal of becoming a globally-renowned host city for sporting events.

Among the 49 venues for the event, 13 new venues are currently under construction in Chengdu, including Dong'an Lake Sports Park and Phoenix Mountain Sports Park, which will provide strong support for the Universiade as well as future international events. Meanwhile, taking the opportunity of preparing for the Universiade, a series of city-level and community-level sports events are also taking place in the city. Sports have now become an integral part of Chengdu residents' daily lives.

Winning the right to host the 2021 Universiade can be attributed to Chengdu's rich sporting culture and extensive experience in hosting events, as well as the growing economic power of China's central and western regions represented by Chengdu. Constant improvements in infrastructure, good urban governance and opening-up all make Chengdu a fitting place to host the event.

"Chengdu Makes Dreams Come True" is the slogan of the Chengdu Universiade. The 2021 Universiade will be a magnificent global spectacle, a huge party for student-athletes and local residents, and a window to showcase the charm of Chengdu - an innovative, inclusive and friendly city. Chengdu welcomes friends from all over the world to join hands and make dreams come true.

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Chengdu 2021 Universiade: An Invitation to the World


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