CHIIZ's New Automatic Sonic-powered Toothbrush Revolutionizes Dental Hygiene

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SHENZHEN, China, May 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CHIIZ is introducing its new automatic toothbrush, a revolutionary designed hands-free and sonic-powered toothbrush. Its gentle silicone bristles can sonically vibrate up to 25,000 strokes per minute and, coupled with a 2-in-1 toothpaste and mouthwash mousse, combine to create scrubbing bubbles which effectively get in and between the teeth to remove plaque.

CHIIZ’s revolutionary hands-free sonic-powered toothbrush
CHIIZ’s revolutionary hands-free sonic-powered toothbrush

CHIIZ's "U-Shaped" design allows its silicone bristles to fully cover both the inside and outside of the teeth. Users need to simply bite down and CHIIZ automatically does the cleaning in just 30 seconds.

While the brush is off after the cleaning, the user just needs to take out the unit, and then give the unit a quick rinse in water. Cleaning the brush is simple as the soft silicone bristles are anti-bacterial, and replacement of brush heads will also be available.

Additionally, CHIIZ is portable and comes with a carrying case. So, users can brush their teeth at a restaurant after a meal, on a boating or camping trip with friends and family, at the workplace before meeting with a client, and in many more places. The rechargeable battery lasts for 20 brushing sessions, providing the user with up to 10 days of charge-free use.

CHIIZ will be looking to raise funds to bring this revolution to the marketplace, and Kickstarter contributors will be the first to receive the product as soon as it comes out of production.

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