China Smart City Expo was unveiled in Shenzhen

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SHENZHEN,China, , Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 13, 2019, China's top science and technology exhibition - China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), which has been held for 20 sessions, officially kicked off. The China Smart City Expo jointly organized by the State Information Center and IDG Asia was officially opened in Hall 6 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

Focusing on smart city solutions, the organizers of the China Smart City Expo aim to comprehensively present new patterns of the future smart city, by inviting numerous industry's top manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, Pin An Smart City, Alibaba Cloud, Hualu, Inspur, Pactera, iSStech , JEZETEK, HUAQIANG TECHNOLOGIES, Qixin Group, ZDS-T, and, which centralize on the "Smart Tech Recreation" to demonstrate the newest and the most detailed solutions in smart city ecospheres, network technique, cloud computing and big data, IoT, mobile applications and intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence, and intelligent vehicle.

It is forecast that the global urban population will reach 70% of the worldwide total by 2050, and China's urbanization level is now close to 60%. Therefore, how to maintain the sustainable urban development is one of the most challenging topics in the 21st Century. At present, the world is accelerating progress towards the era of digital economy with focus on network information technology. The development of the digital economy, the promotion of e-government affairs, and the construction of smart city have become new engines to upgrade urban ecosystem, to transform industrial kinetic energy, and to satisfy people's livelihood.

Currently, there a new upsurge in building smart cities across China, while the smart city construction is now facing challenges such as urban perception, data fusion, application building, and security assurance. To solve the challenges and problems, nearly 100 outstanding enterprises in the field of smart city at home and abroad use diversified high-tech means of sound and light to present the most advanced smart city solutions, research results, and service modes and products, portraying a grand blueprint for the future smart city. On the first day of the expo, more than tens of thousands of professional visitors were attracted for visiting, learning, and exchanges.

Under the theme of "5G+AI to Open a New Era of Smart City", Huawei Exhibition Hall showcases smart city solutions based on a combination of 5G, AI, IoT, and other innovative technologies with urban scenes, including the City Operation Center, AI+ Public Safety, Huawei Cloud, the Kunpeng Industrial Ecosystem, smart life, smart parks, digital platforms, 5G + unmanned driving, AI + smart urban administration, AI + smart emergency, AI + smart water, and other contents. Ubiquitous new connections can be enabled through 5G, IoT, and other technologies; urban ICT resources can be integrated for establishment of a new realm through the digital platform; based on that, AI is intensively integrated with urban scenes to realize the urban total-factor digitization, urban real-time operation status visualization, urban management decision-making collaboratization and intelligentization, so as to make a better city.

Pin An Smart City, which has cooperated in the smart city field with more than 100 cities across the country and a number of countries and regions along the "Belt and Road", brings us the "1+N+1" smart city solutions. Guided by an urban brain and backed by a smart city cloud, Pin An Smart City aims to create an integrated platform for smart e-government affairs, enterprises, and citizens for full enablement of multiple smart city function modules. It solves the problems of how to comprehensively improve the efficiency of urban administration to enhance the citizens' sense of gain and how to greatly optimize the business environment of enterprises.

Besides the macro top-level design planning, there are many companies that showcase integrated solutions for smart city system segments. ZTE, one of the Global Top 50 ICT Enterprises, shows us innovations in 5G, self-developed chips, Internet of Everything, and wired access, as well as digital transformation solutions and cases in government affairs, public security, transportation, finance, and other industries. Pactera brings us smart water system solutions, smart elderly care supervision system solutions, and smart gas integrated system solutions. Qixin Group launches smart medicine solutions, where a robot named Qixin Xiao π (Kang series) is particularly eye-catching. It not only provides medical services such as medical examination and health file management for the elderly, but also meets the mental health needs of the elderly. For example, video call is enabled if they miss their children and traditional opera can be enjoyed just by telling instructions if they want to listen. The high-tech enterprise Vanhi IoT, which specializes in the whole-house wireless smart home, brings us a full set of smart office lighting solutions. Hualu Group takes the urban data lake as the core to show the "1+N" development strategy based on big data, grand transportation, big culture, further environmental protection, and comprehensive healthcare. ZDS-T shows us a comprehensive safe big data business platform composed of subsystems such as fire-fighting Internet of Things, supervision and inspection, fire safety inspections, maintenance service, a potential danger prevention center, extinguishment and rescue, early warning maps, training, interactive communication, and statistical analysis, solving the problem of poor manpower and weak supervision in current fire management. TYDIC, established in 1993, demonstrates the most eye-catching digital police station, comprehensive social grid management, intelligent ubiquitous sensing and fusion application practice platform, smart traffic control and other solutions. HUAQIANG TECHNOLOGIES is advantageous in professional comprehensive IoT solutions and shares at the expo its smart fire-fighting and transportation solutions, which have been implemented in many cities in China.

For the general audience, Smart City Expo is an exploratory tour of scientific popularization. For professional audience, this is the best business communication and cooperation platform. The China Smart City Expo will last until November 17, 2019. During the exhibition period, Pavilion 6 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is a microform of the city of the future and dreams. It is expected that more audiences will come to the Expo to discern the city with wisdom.

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