CNPharm has succeeded in maintaining IC100 for 24 hours with one injection

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- Trail-blazing diversification of the repurposing of Niclosamide
- Full-scale clinical preparation of injections for severely ill patients

SEOUL, South Korea, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hyundai Bioscience (Symbol 048410), a KOSDAQ listed company, announced on the 19th that its major shareholding bio tech company, CNPharm's single administration of 'Poly-COV01', which was developed as an injection for severely ill patients with the novel coronavirus infection (COVID- 19), was the first to sustain an effective concentration in the blood that inhibits virus activity by 100% (IC100) for more than 24 hours.

Poly-COV01, which is made by combining Niclosamide, an anthelmintic drug, with CNPharm's world-class drug delivery system (DDS) technology, is equipped with a sustained-release function that continuously releases drugs loaded in the delivery system into the blood. According to Hyundai Bioscience, if the dosage is adjusted, the possibility of even curing severely ill COVID-19 patients with a single injection has increased.

According to CNPharm, in an experiment conducted on animals at Knotus, its non-clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO), when 2mg/kg of Poly-COV01 was administered, the concentration of IC100 or higher was maintained in the blood for more than 24 hours, and it was confirmed that the drug in the delivery system was continuously released during this time. (Human clinical trials are to be planned.)

There has not been an official foreign or domestic report of an intravenous vascular injection like Poly-COV01 where the IC100 concentration of Niclosamide in the blood lasted for more than 24 hours, let alone with its sustained-release capability.

CNPharm has decided to begin clinical trial preparations of Poly-COV01, which was developed for severely ill patients, using Niclosamide as a base drug. Niclosamide is attracting much international attention as a potential candidate for the treatment of COVID-19 as research papers and experimental results indicating that it has excellent treatment efficacy against COVID-19 have been released worldwide.

Nature, the world-class scientific journal, released a paper by a European research team that selected Niclosamide as the best drug that can block lung damage caused by COVID-19 infections and even introduced the mechanism of blocking the formation of cell fusion bodies.

CNPharm stated that it has been successful in this experiment because it has dramatically improved the problem of low absorption rate and the short half-life of the concentration of Niclosamide in the body by using CNPharm's original delivery system technology, and also mentioned that following the oral drug, it was decided to conduct various antiviral efficacy tests for the clinical use of the injection system.

CNPharm's drug delivery system is based on the original technology of Choy Jin-Ho, Chair Professor of Dankook University and former Chair Professor Sohn Yeon-Su of Ewha Womans University. In addition to being introduced in Nature in 2001, related technologies have been published through several SCI-level (Scientific Citation Index) papers over the past 20 years.

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