Collaboration Between Titan Underwater Drone & YouTuber

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MIAMI, July 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Geneinno, the creator of the Titan underwater drone, announced that they are teaming up with famous YouTuber Dallmyd, owner of the largest diving and treasure hunt channel on YouTube, for a kickstarter campaign that has already raised over $100,000. Dallmyd has 4 million plus subscribers on his YouTube channel and has posted many exciting underwater exploration videos.

Titan & YouTuber Dallmyd
Titan & YouTuber Dallmyd

The Titan underwater drone has a depth range of 150 meters, a depth far below 40 meters, the furthest that the best divers have managed so far, and is controllable with the Titan drone-controller or using the Titan app. With a 4K UHD as well as 3,000 lumen LED camera, the drone is designed to take crystal-clear footage and the ultra-sensitive lens allows for photo and video capture at all times of day. The lens has a 160-angle arc and amazing color-capture. The drone is powered by a 6-thruster power system that propels it at 2 meters per second, this is what makes the Titan project so exciting. Finally, everyone can do underwater exploration using the Titan underwater drone, sitting on the shore or in a boat and explore the water below without having to dive. The photos or video taken by the Titan drone can be shared through the app and on social sites like Facebook, Instagram and so on.

Geneinno has plans to install a robotic arm, underwater microphone, and other accessories in the near future. Currently, users can use the camera to take photos and videos that can be shared on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Divers can also use the Titan to explore the waters below their diving limit, get to hard-to-reach areas, or check areas with potential dangers. Another great advantage is that underwater explorers can investigate the waters below before they venture there themselves, and locate the areas to concentrate on and the areas to ignore.

Geneinno expects to team up with other KOLs to completely revolutionize the underwater experience.

For more information, please visit the Dallmyd Channel or the Titan Kickstarter

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