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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- In November 2022, the Cyrusher electric fat bike brand unveiled a faster, better and more robust all-terrain electric bike. The new Ranger model aims to be the brand's flagship bike, packed with the best features and components. Wherever riders go, they are sure to attract attention.

2022 is an exciting year for cycling fans. Not only has the brand launched the Kuattro, a mighty specialized electric mountain bike, but it's also launching a variety of new all-terrain electric fat bikes that look great. One of the most interesting of these is the awesome Ranger.

"What can the Ranger bring us?"
"Is Cyrusher continuing to make amazing e-bikes?"
"What electronic components have been upgraded for the Ranger?"

Riders keep asking and Cyrusher keeps listening. Cyrusher wants to introduce riders to the new all-terrain electric cycle, a treasure with more surprises waiting for riders to discover. Behind the attractive exterior, riders will find several advantages it has over other bikes.

In other words, there are more secrets to this new ride. Riders not only can comfortably traverse rough terrain, but can also enjoy an easy and economical commute. Check out the critical features of Cyrusher's latest electric fat bike, from the well-engineered frame to the upgraded high-end components.

Motor and battery

Equipped with the same 750W Bafang motor as the brand's other bikes, the Ranger provides customers with great power. This is thanks to its 1200W peak power and 80Nm maximum torque, allowing it to climb challenging slopes.

An efficient battery must accompany a powerful motor. The new full-suspension e-bike can travel up to 56 miles on a single charge thanks to an upgraded, larger battery capacity. No matter what adventure customers want, this specialized electric mountain bike can take them there.

Fat tires and rear air suspension

The fat 26-inch by 4-inch tires cling to the ground below and also offer puncture resistance and a mountain-inspired look. This means that the new specialized electric mountain bike can be confidently driven on any terrain. It will perform exceptionally well on sand, gravel, snow, sidewalks or mountain trails.

To increase the comfort and functionality of the Ranger, the brand opted for a more expensive air suspension. An air suspension has more advantages than shock absorbers that use springs as the medium. It is lighter in weight and can help reduce vehicle weight. It can also improve the stability and handling of the vehicle.

A good suspension design will minimize the impact of the weight of the bicycle frame and one's body for riders who want to go off-road or race in the mountains. From a performance point of view, it is more than adequate for the most stringent requirements. On uneven ground, its ability to absorb shocks is impressive.

Because the full suspension design reduces the difficulty of driving, the cyclist will not feel tired. Along with this, thanks to its excellent stability and versatility, it requires no effort when traversing rugged terrain. Whether customers want to travel across mountains, wilderness or flat ground, full-suspension electric bikes will be their best

Technical Features and Color Options

With five levels of pedal assist, a half-twist throttle and a 9-speed shifting system, riders can custom-tune the speed to suit their individual needs and riding style. On the topic of color, new custom paint, a hidden battery and a unique two-tone frame make this model one of the most surprising electric fat bikes around.

Ranger comes in three attractive colors: white, black and green. Instead of the usual solid black vehicles on the market, this new model has a two-tone frame, making it the most impressive bike. Whether on city roads or forest trails, it fits perfectly anywhere.

Upgraded color display

The data on display is still clearly visible when encountering well-lit conditions. Maintaining the previous easy-to-use method, the controller's computer will provide customers with detailed data, including all information during and after the ride, using three buttons. It will detail customer's ride distance, current speed, pedal assist level and remaining charge.

What do the unique features bring to the rider?

Safety, Stability and Comfort

Bright LED headlights help riders see the road clearly, even in bad weather, and an electronic horn means riders will be heard by oncoming traffic and people, thus improving safety.

In addition, the reflectors on the spokes of the tires can reflect clear and bright light, which is conducive to protecting the safety of cyclists. Especially at night, they will produce a luminous effect when they encounter light, which acts as a warning.

This new model has improved dual hydraulic disc brakes with an additional motor cut-off feature. The hydraulic disc brakes are more suitable for off-road adventures than the less costly mechanical disc brakes.

Electric cycles need more efficient stopping power when traversing rough terrain. The advantages of hydraulic brakes include more extended service life, more straightforward maintenance and more stable braking efficiency to improve rider safety.

The Ranger has a front fork suspension with preload adjustment and a rear air suspension system for maximum comfort. The 6061-aluminum alloy full-suspension frame provides a smooth and comfortable ride even on the roughest terrain.

Its 26" ×4" fat tires add good grip and stability and the air suspension at the rear will absorb any bumps the ground brings.

Practicality, functionality and strength

For this aggressive e-bike, the weather is no obstacle. Its powerful motor and fat tire grip carry riders through sand and snow. Both the motor and battery are waterproof so riders won't have a problem riding in the rain. And, its size and power don't limit commuting in the city, helping to make the journey enjoyable.

As sales of e-bikes continue to rise worldwide, more and more people are noticing how enjoyable this ride is. The Ranger is perfect for taller rider, and its lower frame size makes it a powerful bike for shorter riders. It combines power, comfort, looks and other great features in one fantastic, capable, yet easy-to-handle bike.

After considering the various terrains for riding, the research and development team has made continuous improvements, making this new model  perfectly suitable for almost any terrain, from the city to the mountains. And, these high-quality components increase the practicality and versatility of the model to meet the different riding needs of customers.

With a powerful 750W motor and a stable and sturdy frame design, it will take riders through any rough terrain with ease, while a larger battery allows riders to go on a long journey and enjoy the fun of riding.

Is a powerful and cool-looking bike costly?

It's always exciting when a new model is added to the Cyrusher line of electric fat bikes! It's not just because of the e-bike's intriguing features and upgrades but also the excellent pricing. The new Ranger all-terrain electric bike is priced at $2,899.

It is worth the price. This high-quality bicycle is comprised of components such as a Bafang motor, Samsung lithium battery, 6061 aluminum alloy frame, Kenda anti-puncture fat tires, Shimano derailleur, 180mm Logan hydraulic disc brake and rear air suspension.

These high-quality components come from brand-name companies worldwide, which confirms they are safe and reliable and ensure overall excellent performance.

Using these elements in a high-performance bicycle can extend the model's life and help the rider save money. Riders won't find any cheap components in the Ranger and customers get a solid, secure and good-looking bike for excellent riding stability and comfort.

Why are there such inexpensive bikes on the market? Their components are not even traceable and we cannot guarantee the longevity of these bikes. Low-quality parts can result in a bike needing repair or even needing to be scrapped in a short period of time. This poses a threat to the rider's safety and property.

First-class customer service

The brand is committed to delivering quality bikes to riders around the world at great prices and it does so by putting the customer first. Top-notch customer service and high-quality products are reflected in the 2-year warranty. In addition, the same is valid for after-sales service.

Quality bikes make aftermarket issues rare for Cyrusher owners. But if any problem does arise, the after-sales team will do their best to fix it. Call or send a simple email to after-sales staff and they will act immediately. This is an essential part of customer service. They are a 24-hour online service and if customers encounter any complex problems, they can get help quickly.

About Cyrusher

The company name comes from the combination of Rusher and Cycling which means it is committed to becoming a pioneer in cycling.

The mission is to create the most fantastic and cost-effective products through innovative design and green technology to meet the growing global demand for unique short-distance mobility solutions.

After eight years of steady growth, a small company selling bicycle parts online has grown into a global company selling high-performance electric bicycles. To be closer to customers and provide better service and respond quickly to customer needs, the brand has opened international offices in four countries.

The brand has also opened one offline store in the U.S. and one in the U.K. where bike test rides are available. And, a mobile service by a local team in  France uses trucks for transport to enable higher quality product delivery. In addition, they are continuing to explore new ways to improve the customer experience.

You can find more information about Cyrusher at the following link.

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