Dr. Liu Jian, President of Medicilon Drug Discovery Division, wins the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award

2023-11-28 21:30 964

BOSTON, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Liu Jian, President of the Drug Discovery Division at Medicilon, has been awarded the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for 2023 from the New Jersey Research and Development Committee. This recognition stems from his innovative patent on the PCSK9 inhibitor, a novel cyclic peptide named MK-0616, developed during his previous tenure at Merck in the United States.

Dr. Liu Jian
Dr. Liu Jian

Dr. Liu Jian's receipt of this honor is in high recognition for his technological innovation in drug discovery. At Merck, Dr. Liu was deeply involved in the entire process of new drug discovery and development. He led teams that invented and submitted 10 compounds that reached clinical-stage, entering phase I, II, and III trials. With over 72 patent applications and 21 patents granted, and Dr. Liu  received the "Merck Excellence Award" four times. In the academic realm, he also had significant achievements, publishing 47 articles in international peer-reviewed academic journals and serving as a reviewer at several international academic journals, demonstrating his wide-ranging influence.

Dr. Liu's scientific philosophy and mission is an unwavering commitment to advancing cutting-edge technology, a commitment shared by Medicilon. Working in such frontier technologies as Artificial Intelligent Drug Design (AIDD), Dr. Liu was successful in leveraging the existing AI research and development service platform. He led a team to build and improve various technological platforms for new drug development, including AIDD, structural biology, peptide and cyclic peptide drug development, synthetic biology, nuclear medicine research, and more. This approach enables Medicilon to provide comprehensive one-stop services, from target investigation recommendations to IND application for new drug development.

Dr. Liu Jian stated, "I am honored to receive the 44th 'Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award.' As a biomedicine researcher, I hope to use cutting-edge innovative technology to break through conventional structural barriers and provide more answers to drug discovery. In the future, Medicilon will continue to iterate innovative technologies, empowering more accessible new drug development."

About MK-0616

It is a remarkable fact that the unique cyclic peptide structure of MK-0616 enables it to achieve the potency and selectivity of antibodies in an orally administered form, providing validation and guidance for the use of mRNA display technology. This represents a significant advancement exemplifying how medicinal chemistry can successfully support innovative drug discovery. Currently, Merck has initiated phase III clinical trials for MK-0616.



Source: Medicilon Inc.