ECINS Launches Australia Community Support Program Awarding $500,000 (AUD) in Free Services & Subscriptions to Indigenous Organisations and Educational Institutions

2022-01-21 08:59 1813

>> ECINS Australia Offers Collaborative Case Management Software to Empower Indigenous Organisations & Educational Institutions to Streamline Processes in Order to Meet Exploding Demands

DUNSBOROUGH, Australia, Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- ECINS Australia, the global provider of multi-agency case management software, today announced the launch of the Australia Community Support Program to help improve the lives of vulnerable people and empower the practitioners who serve them. The social enterprise is allocating up to $500,000 (AUD) in free software services and subscriptions to indigenous organisations and educational institutions in order to help them streamline processes, reduce administrative burdens and improve reporting in order to meet growing demands and secure future funding. 

ECINS has an established regional presence, including success working with The Aboriginal Males Healing Centre (AMHC), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making an impact on domestic violence and its effect on communities and families in Newman, Western Australia. AMHC worked closely with ECINS in the development and deployment of its Client Engagement Module, a unique mobile application that has empowered AMHC's clients to take charge of their healing process and maintain vigilance by interacting with practitioners from the convenience and discretion of their phone.

Created by social support practitioners turned innovative advocates, ECINS operates with the belief that when people work together, they can achieve more. With its Australia Community Support Program, ECINS is on a mission to bolster the impact of indigenous organisations and educational institutions by addressing the challenges that plague their productivity, impact and effectiveness in today's complex world.

"We are deeply committed to helping Australian educational and indigenous organisations respond to the many challenges facing the individuals, families and communities they serve," said Thomas Pettengell, ECINS' Australia Operations Manager. He adds, "Our Dunsborough headquarters' teamwork with the Aboriginal Males Healing Centre has been such a great success that we want to build on it and help other similar organisations. Additionally, we are aiding schools in the U.S. in meeting the massive demand on their school psychologists, counsellors and social workers, and we wanted to see what we can do to help educational institutions in Australia as well."

Qualifying organisations for the Australia Community Support Program will receive unlimited licenses to ECINS, including:

  • customisation to each organisation's unique needs
  • training and support from real-world experts
  • access to a robust communications portal
  • collaboration with the ECINS global user community that is committed to helping one another achieve better outcomes every day

To be considered for the Australia Community Support Program, please click here and complete the online form. The ECINS team will review applications and connect directly with all qualifying organisations.

About ECINS Australia

Empowering Communities with Integrated Network Systems (ECINS) is a social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people and empowering the practitioners who serve them. A purpose-built, cloud-based, highly secure case management system, ECINS is a multi-agency collaboration tool that is being utilised in Australia, the U.S., the U.K and around the world. The ECINS Client Engagement Module was developed and launched from our Western Australia location in partnership with the Aboriginal Males Healing Centre. Created on the belief that when people work together they can achieve more, ECINS is capable of solving just about any case management problem that exists. Learn more by visiting

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