EU needs to make the right choice

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BEIJING, April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on China-EU relationship:

From China-EU Agreement on Geographical Indications to China-EU negotiations for an agreement on investment, from "human rights sanctions" and countersanctions to the escalation of the "Xinjiang cotton" incident among the business community and the general public, China-EU relations have recently undergone unprecedented changes, with cooperation and differences both increasing under the influence of internal and external factors.

The main reason behind these changes is that the EU has become somewhat lost amid the evolving international landscape, hesitating to cooperate with China while following suit with the United States. Some reasons of its own have also put the EU in a dilemma, such as its inexplicable sense of superiority concerning human rights and excessive insecurity over economic and trade competition. In fact, the EU clearly understands the benefits of cooperation with China and the damage of politicizing and weaponizing human rights.

Another reason for the EU's confusion is the U.S. – its so-called "ally." At key junctures in China-EU relations, the U.S. always makes a "timely appearance," not only impeding economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe, but also taking advantage of disagreement between the two sides. The U.S. tries to reduce its own trade, energy and security frictions with Europe, but exerts pressure to contain China. Meanwhile, it also attempts to crush the EU's "strategic autonomy," so that Europe can remain a vassal of the U.S. and never stand up to have its own say.

Careful consideration will show that only by cooperating with China and continuing to strengthen its economic power, can the EU achieve sufficient resources for the establishment of "strategic autonomy." And only by peacefully coexisting with all parties in the field of political security and maintaining a distance from the U.S. can it establish a credible image of "strategic autonomy." Therefore, ensuring the smooth and steady implementation of the EU-China Comprehensive Investment Agreement and returning to China-EU human rights dialogue, rather than confrontation, is the right path for the EU to effectively achieve its development goals. If the EU insists on following the U.S., playing the "human rights card" and magnifying ideological issues, it will not affect China's development direction, or receive any tangible benefits from the U.S. If the EU sticks to its current path, it will only turn itself into an accessory of the U.S.

Therefore, in order to prove its true ability to engage in "strategic autonomy" and participate in the game of great powers, the EU must first make the right choice, and avoid being led astray by its "ally" and therefore losing its strategic partners and development opportunities.

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EU needs to make the right choice

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