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Expanding into new countries is now just a few clicks away

BOSTON, Oct. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Globalization Partners, which simplifies global business by enabling companies to hire talent in 180+ countries without the complexity of setting up international branch offices or subsidiaries, today announced the next evolution of its proprietary Employer of Record (EOR) platform by unveiling its Self-Service Global Expansion Experience.


Built in-house by a team of world-class engineers and industry experts, the Self-Service Global Expansion Experience is a cloud-based, customer-led journey that streamlines the process of building global teams by putting the country-specific requirements of onboarding at the customer's fingertips. Companies can choose a new country to expand into, approve costs to hire identified talent, generate a locally-compliant employment contract, and issue insurance benefits. The employees are supported via Globalization Partners' entities on the ground in each country, enabling customers to bypass the complexities associated with navigating cross-border legal, HR, and tax issues in-house. Globalization Partners' technology simplifies and expedites the international hiring process, but automation can't always replace the value of access to industry experts. That's why, whenever needed, personalized service from Globalization Partners' team is always just a click away.

The Self-Service Global Expansion Experience is part of Globalization Partners' EOR platform that allows businesses to compliantly grow and manage their global teams--all in one place. The automated technology comes at a time in which the Employer of Record industry is increasingly on the rise as a means for forward-thinking companies to expand their teams globally. A recent report from industry analyst firm NelsonHall found that despite the recent global economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, buyers of global EOR services show no signs of stopping their expansion efforts, with EMEA and APAC being the top targeted regions for expansion. The research also named Globalization Partners as an industry leader among its peers.

Globalization Partners is the only Global EOR with a completely streamlined platform as well as a built in-house global legal infrastructure, which ensures the quality and compliance it provides to customers.  The combination is absolutely critical given that an employer of record manages the intellectual property generated by employees and other complex cross-border matters for its customers. 

"The core value of the global EOR service model centers on its ability to enable greater speed and agility for HR in supporting timely, compliant global expansion initiatives for the business," said Pete Tiliakos, Principal Research Analyst, NelsonHall. "The infusion of modern technology and automation like the Self-Service Global Expansion Experience will accelerate the speed in executing strategic initiatives, further amplifying the service's value by empowering multinational firms with on-demand capability to quickly assess, contract, and onboard talent in targeted countries."

As an EOR, Globalization Partners allows companies to hire anywhere in the world and expand into new territories without having to make costly and time-consuming investments in subsidiaries or branch offices. EORs serve as the legal employer, handling payroll, taxes, and benefits, and ensuring compliance with local employment laws and regulations, freeing up companies to manage and direct the daily work of their team members. While Globalization Partners has always provided these capabilities, the new enhanced EOR technology platform allows companies to move even faster into new territories so they can be more competitive internationally. 

The Globalization Partners EOR technology platform is cloud-based and can be accessed globally via mobile or desktop. Among its many features and capabilities are an automated employment contract experience that enables companies to create competitive employment offers efficiently and compliantly. It also provides a reporting function that empowers finance teams with detailed invoice reporting by country and employee, and a help center that provides extensive support content and the ability to connect with subject matter experts. Unlike competitive offerings that are cobbled together from various sources, the company's EOR technology was developed in-house by Globalization Partners on a single platform for a more cohesive user experience.

"Compliance delays and outdated processes can lead to losing top talent and missed opportunities in a new market," said Gerard Keating, CTO of Globalization Partners. "Our Self-Service Global Expansion Experience enables our customers to easily expand their global workforce through an easy-to-use, interactive user experience to explore compliance details for any country and to sign the contract all within the platform."

Additionally, Globalization Partners' technology provides customers with an array of other useful features:

  • Choose a new country for global expansion
    Begin your new country launch at the click of a button and know the total cost to expect with no surprises. Customers can explore 180+ countries to learn more about global expansion. In just a few clicks, country-specific pricing can be reviewed, and a contract can be signed.
  • Onboard employees
    Customers produce locally compliant employment contracts and provide premium in-country benefits all within the platform in minutes. The next step is to invite new employees to log in to Globalization Partners to seamlessly review their contract and elect their benefits.
  • Process payroll
    Payroll is automated with minimal reliance on human touch, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and on-time delivery. Our flexible platform enables adding bonuses, commission, or payroll exceptions in just a few clicks all centralized in one place for ease of administration.
  • Manage time & expenses
    Customers easily review and authorize time and expense requests from global employees in either web or mobile-responsive environments. Both time and expense offerings are built with country specifics in mind and all expense report details are centralized to ease the finance team's workload.
  • Ensure compliance
    Despite ever-changing local regulations, our platform ensures compliance with up-to-date local HR, legal, data compliance, and tax intelligence that is built into the customer experience. Our customers track and manage their employees all over the world in one centralized, secure interface. This includes real-time access to employees' status, contact details, payroll schedule, benefits details, employment contracts, and invoices, reducing the risk of human error.

About Globalization Partners
Globalization Partners enables companies to quickly and easily expand internationally across six continents and 180+ countries. Our Global Employer of Record (EOR) model allows companies to hire employees in as little as a few business days without having to navigate complex international legal, tax, and HR issues, and our AI-powered technology puts the entire process of global expansion at your fingertips. When companies find top talent, that team member is put on our locally-compliant payroll. We are the most trustworthy solution in the market and offer 24/7/365 premium support services. We have teams and offices worldwide with global headquarters located in Boston and California and regional headquarters in London, Ireland, Singapore, and Dubai. 

Globalization Partners has consistently attained 97% customer satisfaction ratings by making it easy for companies to go global. To find out more, please visit: or connect with us via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or check out our Blog.

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