GLOD makes a dazzling debut and launches its first designer jewelry collection

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GLOD ( is a new online independent designer jewelry start-up, which believes that everyone has their moments to glow. With artistic design, durable materials, and ethical production, GLOD hopes to bring wearers something unique and fashionable, also affordable.

GLOD ( makes a dazzling debut with its designer jewelry collection
GLOD ( makes a dazzling debut with its designer jewelry collection

The jewelry of GLOD offers transformable design, ranges from simple elegance, playfulness created by mix and match, and modern chic, available on

With its uniqueness in various ways, GLOD makes a dazzling debut with campaign "Ignite Your Aura" on social media to celebrate individuality and the beauty of femininity. Hashtags #GlodJewelry #IgniteYourAura have gone viral among fashion bloggers and influencers.

Launch Of First Designer Jewelry Collection -- BE LIGHT

Evoked by the journey of light, BE LIGHT collection re-portrays glow in its best hues and forms.

Putting a halt to time, pieces are inspired by a serendipitous wander through radiant beams, dancing light, glistening flare, and captures the dreamy moment of glow to the poetically abstract details.

The harmonious interplay of duo-color and tri-color tones metals resembles varying shades in glow and infuses this light fantastic realm with timeless grace and simple elegance.

Highlighted Design

1. Radiant Beams

The radiant beams design sends out melting warmth to awaken the passionate heart, lighting a path for the imagination to traverse between reality and fantasy.

2. Dancing Light

Pieces with dynamic curves epitomize the minimalist aesthetic derived from dancing light, as elvish as aurora, its buoyant hues can only be seen by luck.

3. Glistening Flare

Taking flight from glistening flare, pieces convey shimmering movements through circular geometric forms in layers, whimsically connecting optical space in visual illusion to project a sense of romantic modern chic.

More high-resolution photos are available for download at:

Origins of GLOD

GLOD, is originated from the Danish word glød, meaning glow. This evocative glow unfolds a vista of infinite inspiration about light to the brand. The icon in the logo encapsulates the very essence from glowing light in the Danish spirit of Hygge, meanwhile, as a cosmic symbol, embodies the mythical aura glow from the nebula.

GLODs develop its own aesthetics in jewelry design by capturing the journey of light, using curves, points and lines, the contrast between abstract and tangible shapes at the serendipitous glowing moment.

GLOD uses the language of jewelry design to tell the story behind each piece and ignite the soul-renewing aura power inside each wearer.

Craftsmanship & Material

Every detail in design is brought to life by GLOD artisans with passion and love. Most of GLOD artisans have spent years honing their art. They are the magicians to visualize the sketch into a piece with functional wearability in terms of size, weight, softness, smoothness and well fitted. And each piece from GLOD is produced in a sustainable and environmental-friendly way. 

GLOD understands that price is always a concern for selecting a jewelry. But material cost shouldn't be the main reason pushing people away from a nice jewelry. GLOD wants customers only think about the design, the story behind, the wearability, and most importantly whether this piece really makes them glow rather than the price.

GLOD carefully selects the most affordable precious metal sterling silver, in its best quality, and plated it with 18K gold to give extra shine and durability. It looks as gorgeous as 18K gold, but cost much less, giving another reason to make customers radiant.

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Be Light 
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