Guangdong's Shunde: a rising star in the Chinese industrial design community

SHUNDE, China, Dec. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Guangdong Industrial Design City Creative Design Week kicked off in the Guangdong Industrial Design City (GIDC) of Shunde, a district of the southern Chinese city of Foshan on Dec. 9, which marks China Design Day. Themed "Design, Empowering, Fusion", the event aimed to essentially highlight the professionalism, internationalism and sharing of design. Its focus on designs has facilitated the branding of a more advanced, international industrial design industry, thus empowering the quality development of "Designed by Shunde."

On its sidelines, a meeting on sharing design practices was held and invited leading designers from 10 countries, namely the UK, Germany, the US, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, China, Japan and South Korea, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of GIDC's inception. Global designers, under the theme of "Uplifting Design, Wisdom-led Future", brought insights into the new opportunities and directions China's industrial design community would embrace amid economic globalization and cultural diversification. When it came to the Industry 4.0, the development trend of industrial design, and future opportunities for the design industry, they also exchanged views on introducing the upscale design thinking and know-how from across the world and encouraged designers to be more international and creative.

Xiong Hao, the head of Kurz Kurz Design China, a design agency headquartered in Germany, said he was hopeful that such events enabled people in the design industry to have a deeper understanding of the European industrial design history and learn from the best practices, so as to take the industrial design of Shunde to a new high.

GIDC represents the epitome of the development of Shunde's industrial design industry. Today, Design Shunde, an action plan to enhance the district's industrial design capabilities, has become a shining brand for the district. GIDC is growing in strength, so is the Design Shunde project, which, over the past year, has been a success. Statistics show that since the beginning of 2019, 100 firms in industrial design have been registered in Shunde, bringing the total to 380. This has made Shunde the second largest cluster of industrial design companies in Guangdong, with the number of people engaging in this profession surpassing the 15,000 mark. About 10 new high-tech companies in design have been established, taking the total to some 50. Beyond that, the project has made breakthroughs in founding national research institutes, cooperating with global designers, and promoting the "Design Plus" mode, giving a boost to the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry.

GIDC is now home to more than 280 design agencies from across the globe, which bring together over 8,300 designers and developers. With that, nearly 85% of innovative designs can be commercialized and revenue generated from design services stands at about 4 billion yuan. All these figures have helped develop GIDC into China's center for industrial design and made possible the building of the Sanlong Bay High-end Innovation Cluster.

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Source: The Guangdong Industrial Design City (GIDC)