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2024-07-11 17:00 1015

NUREMBERG, Germany, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- As the most anticipated Olympic sporting event approaches, ensuring venue security and equipment inspection has become increasingly critical in daily operations to accommodate global athletes and spectators. With decades of dedication to the thermal imaging industry, Guide sensmart is experienced in providing monitoring systems and thermography tools for sports venues, factories, power stations, and other buildings.

The handheld thermal cameras are lightweight, portable, and easy to operate, allowing staff to detect temperatures effortlessly anywhere and anytime. Guide sensmart's newly launched EasIR Series has a significant improvement in both hardware and software compared to the previous well-received PC Series. It utilizes an upgraded 256x192 infrared detector and adopts real-time IR-Perfclear technology for the first time.

Guide sensmart unveils the EasIR Series with IR-Perfclear technology, 4X image quality enhancement
Guide sensmart unveils the EasIR Series with IR-Perfclear technology, 4X image quality enhancement

Guide sensmart's self-developed IR super-resolution technology breaks through the size limitations of infrared detectors and achieves a 4 times enhancement in image quality. The infrared images now present sharper details with reduced noise, making even individual hair strands clearly visible. Additionally, the EasIR Series is equipped with a 2-megapixel visible light camera, video streaming, audio and video recording capabilities, OTA upgrades, and other features, making it an essential inspection tool for easy handling, efficiency, and multi-functionality.

These advantages enable the EasIR Series to be widely used in various scenarios, including predictive maintenance on equipment, detection of temperature abnormalities in machinery components, and inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment in sports venues and buildings. With the EasIR Series, users can quickly detect, locate and deal with equipment faults, ensuring the safety and uninterrupted operation of sports events or activities.

The EasIR Series will also be exhibited at Security Essen 2024 in Germany, from September 17th to 20th, at Booth 5E31 (Hall 5). We are thrilled to welcome you to experience our latest innovations firsthand.

Security Essen 2024, Booth 5E31, Hall 5
Security Essen 2024, Booth 5E31, Hall 5

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