Halation Photonics Won the Second Round Financing

2012-12-28 09:00 1632

Its product application expanding again

SUZHOU, Dec. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Halation Photonics Corporation announced the completion of its second round of fund raising in recently. Northern Light Venture Capital Early Stage Investment Enterprise and Mitsui & Co. Global Investment Ltd. ("MGI") served as the lead investors, with follow-on investments from Softbank China Venture Capital, China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Ventures Co., Ltd. and Applied Ventures. Since its establishment three years ago, Halation has successfully attracted investment and gained acceptance from renowned investment companies and Fortune 500 investment departments from both home and abroad.

With this new round of funding, Halation will accelerate  exploring the systematic application of Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) based on Whiteon® in the field of retail, warehousing, logistics and other industries. At the same time, Halation will focus on promoting its "Standardized + Customized" Total Solution System, and with this round of financing, it will facilitate the industrialization progress of privacy glass based on Halation Preview Technology and the corresponding production line.

Established in the beginning of 2009, Halation Photonics Corporation has been growing rapidly. In the past three years, Halation has continued increasing company's production and R & D investment in order to build an operation team with powerful scientific research strength, strict production management and quality supervision and efficient marketing development ability, which has laid solid foundation of Halation’s sustainable and healthy development. Before this round of financing, Halation products have successfully entered more than 20 first-tier domestic cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Tianjin, etc., including the leading hypermarket Wumart Group, and the China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (Sinopharm). Meanwhile, Halation has collaborated with various customers from the USA, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, India, etc. on the ESL development.

Given the promising situation that the domestic and foreign markets have been further developed, Halation is still increasing investment of production and research while actively exploring prospective markets, and it constantly improves product quality and keeps upgrading in order to continuously improve its market competitiveness and ensure its leading position in the home and abroad ESL market. Besides the products and technology concentration, Halation also pays great attention to customer experience. A solution team, led by the company management, has been established to learn more about encountered problems and various unexpected situations. The team also works together with Vice President Bo Yu, who has over 10-year experience of electronic product sales and several top system solution providers.

"Picture a future where your bathroom mirror can also play the role of information resource, displaying the weather forecast and your daily agenda, and where your vision can be precisely enhanced by tunable eyeglasses and windshields. This is the future that Halation Photonics aims to make realized, and Applied Ventures is excited to have added Halation to its investment portfolio. Unlike traditional displays that require a backlight and constant power source, Halation’s multi-stable LCDs do not require any power to display an image. Halation sets off to commercialize multi-stable liquid crystal technology as a potentially game-changing approach for future glass and display applications. Starting with just an idea on paper, Halation has moved quickly, producing compelling prototypes and attracting commercial partners. Halation’s first product, reflective electronic shelf label, has significantly improved product labeling and pricing accuracy, and it has  been well received by grocery store operators in China,"  Tony Chao, associate investment manager of Applied Ventures, said.

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