Hangzhou highlight: 2019 Walk and Prayer for Good Luck holds opening ceremony for Blessing for Health event

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On the morning of October 13, 2019, the organizers of Walk and Prayer for Good Luck hosted the opening ceremony for its Blessing for Health event at Hangzhou's famous landmark, Grand Canal World, better known by the romanization of its Chinese name, Yunhe Tiandi. Over 300 outdoor sports enthusiasts gathered on the Grand Canal. They set out from Yunhe Tiandi, walking along a promenade that bordered the canal and through the Qiaoxi and Xiaohe Historical and Cultural Blocks, part of a three-block-long stretch known for its preservation of the area's local history and culture. The participants said they were engaging in the activity in response to the Chinese government's national fitness call, while expressing the pride they feel in their homeland.

The event was organized by Hangzhou Canal Group Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. and the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal (Hangzhou Section) Comprehension Protection Commission, and hosted by Jinhe Travel Agency.

The event ambassador initiates the walk and opens the prayer door, following a high-intensity aerobics performance

At 8:40 AM, the opening ceremony of the 2019 Walk and Prayer for Good Luck's Blessing for Health formally kicked off. Following a performance of high-intensity aerobics entitled Beauty and Force, the event ambassador made his formal appearance.

This year's event ambassador, Yu Haida, is a former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and associate professor of the School of Physical Education and Health at Hangzhou Normal University. During his speech, Mr. Yu said, with the work on the Hangzhou Section of the Canal rapidly nearing completion, people who reside in the immediate area have been actively pursuing health and wellbeing, which has also proven to be a major factor contributing to the general satisfaction with life felt by the vast majority of Hangzhou's populace.

Finally, the ambassador waved the flag to begin the walk and opened the prayer door. The more than 300 participants formally started on the walk.

The group took off from Yunhe Tiandi, walked along the Qiaoxi and Xiaohe Historical and Cultural Blocks, finally reaching their destination, Lang Lang Art World at Dadou Road Historical and Cultural Block, a distance of 4.88 kilometers. Some participants chose the water route, first going to the end point on canal boats and returning by foot, in this case, a distance of 6.88 kilometers.

Participants walked along the Canal together, experiencing canal culture by engaging in a series of activities

In addition to walking along the Canal, the Walk and Prayer campaign identified several points of interest along the three historical and cultural blocks. Participants arrived at the points as indicated in the campaign manual and took part in the scheduled activity, winning a special coupon handed out by the organizers. Those who engaged in all of the scheduled activities and collected the complete set of coupons earned an exquisite prize once they had reached the final destination.

At Yunhe Tiandi, participants got to know each other by engaging in the activities, exchanging tips about fitness and health care. In Qiaoxi Historical and Cultural Block's Fanghuichuntang, several of the city's leading traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors offered free consultations based on feeling the person's pulse, a key indicator of health according to TCM, while fielding questions concerning health and wellbeing. Those who received the free consultations also were given a small gift. Further on, at Lang Lang Art World, participants walked through an exhibit of the famous musician's trophies alongside a curation of products based on the city's unique culture and traditions, while enjoying musical selections from Lang Lang's latest album.

Several participants who had joined the event in the past explained that the Walk and Prayer for Good Luck has been held for many years, with ever-changing themes and forms. It has been one of the most popular outdoor activities for Hangzhou's denizens, combining hiking, a sport that has recently spiked in popularity, with the traditional culture of the city.

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Source: Hangzhou Canal Group Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd.