Hangzhou, Zhejiang province's 193 designated merchants invite tourists to experience the city's exquisite leisure lifestyle

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hangzhou will kick off the "2019 annual season for promoting the special leisure demonstration merchants in Hangzhou" on December 13. The city's 193 designated special leisure merchants, all of whom are purveyors of products and services that are representative of the city's embrace of a leisure lifestyle, will jointly provide opportunities for visitors to take in everything that the city has to offer, with products and services likely to bring in millions of yuan in revenue.

The designated merchants are, for the most part, in the boutique segment of the tourism sector. Since its inception in 2014, the campaign for creating and promoting designated special leisure merchants has focused on eight categories – specialty foods, teahouses, health care, beauty and personal care, culture and entertainment, sports and leisure, specialty shopping and special accommodations, who have differentiated themselves, their products and their services through their unique themes, distinctive features, excellent quality and world-standard services. These merchants are playing a demonstrative as well as leading role in the city's leisure service industry.

The designated merchants have been rated as "the best", "excellent" or "standard" for their performance in 2019, with 15 merchants having been ranked as "a best special leisure demonstration Hangzhou merchant", 10 merchants as "an excellent special leisure demonstration Hangzhou merchant" and 20 merchants as "a standard special leisure demonstration Hangzhou merchant".

The campaign, organized by the Hangzhou Leisure Development and Promotion Association, reminds tourists to take the opportunity to enjoy the services of the designated merchants, with no cost offerings in eight categories – specialty foods, tea, health, culture and entertainment, sports and fitness, beauty and personal care, fashion shopping and accommodations.

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Source: Hangzhou Leisure Development and Promotion Association