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2019-08-16 13:19 1716

MACAU, Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From August 10th to 16th, IJCAI (International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence) was held in Macau, China. Since it was first held in Washington, DC in 1969, IJCAI has become one of the most important top-level academic conferences in the field of artificial intelligence. Many top scholars were invited, including winners of the Turing Award and Nobel Prize. This year 2019 is the 50th anniversary of IJCAI and the 40th anniversary of the development of artificial intelligence in China. Therefore, this year's IJCAI has attracted much more attention than before. More than 3,000 AI scholars and industry leaders gathered in Macau to discuss the status quo and future of artificial intelligence. Dr. Lingyun Gu, founder, chairman, and CEO of IceKredit, Inc., was invited to give a speech, in which he shared the exploration and practice of IceKredit in the field of AI.

Dr. Lingyun Gu, founder, chairman, and CEO of IceKredit, Inc., was invited to give a speech in IJCAI
Dr. Lingyun Gu, founder, chairman, and CEO of IceKredit, Inc., was invited to give a speech in IJCAI

This year's IJCAI brought together the world's most reputable experts in AI field, including Leslie Kaelbling (Professor of MIT), Zhihua Zhou (Professor of Nanjing University), Adnan Darwiche (Professor of UCLA), Kress Gazit (Associate Professor of Cornell University), Giuseppe de Giacomo (Professor of Rome "La Sapienza" ), Hiroaki Kitano (President and Chief Executive Officer of Computer Science Laboratory at Sony), Michela Milano (Professor of University of Bologna) among others. They shared important information about developments in the field of artificial intelligence such as machine learning, autonomous agents, and deep learning.

Dr. Gu delivered a speech entitled "AI Meets Risk" at the meeting. He analyzed the differences in the development of artificial intelligence between China and the United States from the perspective of business model, the state of the market, talent education and regulation. For artificial intelligence, Dr. Gu stressed that the accumulation and the innovation of technology are cornerstones that drive the rapid development of IceKredit. Ever since it was founded in 2015, IceKredit has been continuously acquiring promising scientists in AI, and has established AI laboratories in Los Angeles and Nanjing. Currently, IceKredit has acquired a large number of PhD graduates from top universities such as Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Purdue University, and University of Maryland. They are pushing the boundaries of deep learning, natural language processing, knowledge mapping, speech recognition, computer vision, and other STEM fields. Meanwhile, IceKredit is comprehensively exploring many fields like talent training, academic research, technology transformation, and business applications. At the same time, IceKredit is strengthening connections with domestic and foreign research institutions to promote the development of Chinese artificial intelligence technology.

Dr. Gu said, "Algorithm complexity does not necessarily imply improved performance, and we need to consider the environment in which algorithms are applied. For example, we can achieve good results by simply using logistic regression directly if our data is separable and meaningful. On the other hand, if our data is neither separable nor meaningful, machine learning would be more effective." In essence, Dr. Gu points out that the development of artificial intelligence does not only simply include the advancement of algorithms, but also the application of the correct technology to the corresponding circumstances.

Utilizing a large reserve of AI technology and a deep understanding of different business scenarios, IceKredit has created products like IceKredit's Standard Credit Score, Integrated Risk Control Services for Enterprises, Intelligent Risk Control Decision Engine, Knowledge Map Computing Platform, and other knock-out products. IceKredit is serving more than 500 domestic and foreign customers, providing crucial technical support that augments our customers' businesses. IceKredit's cooperative partners include Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Nanjing, Suning Bank, Toutiao, Mashang Consumer Finance, BOC Consumer Finance, LexinFintech Holdings, Zhongan Insurance, and and many others.

In the future, IceKredit will further increase investment in R&D and acquire research talents, which will help transform the financial industry. In the meantime, IceKredit will continue to explore the application of artificial intelligence in other industries such as pharmaceutics and educational pedagogy.

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