Inviting You to Join Our "Happy Lunar New Year"

BEIJING, Jan. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- 31st January 2014 is the Lunar New Year of the Horse, also known as Chinese New Year. For Chinese people all over the world, Chinese New Year is the most important festival of the year.

Happy Lunar New Year
Happy Lunar New Year

Chinese zodiacs, paper-cuttings, couplets, New Year pictures, greeting cards, Chinese knots, red Chinese lanterns... all these fiery-red Chinese elements are the most beautiful scenery during Chinese Lunar New Year. They are not just shown in China but all around the world. In addition, various celebrations such as the Spring Festival fair and parade, festival parties, folk performances, exhibitions, film exhibitions, concerts, cultural lectures and more will be held as part of the festivities. With "Happy Lunar New Year 2014," the Ministry of Culture and the whole community exquisitely prepare a Chinese New Year cultural feast for you. You can feel the prosperous and lively New Year atmosphere and share peace, joy and the warmth of Chinese New Year with us.

"Happy Lunar New Year" is a global large-scale cultural event that aims to show the cultural connotation of joy, harmony by sharing Chinese New Year's blessing with the world. Hereby we sincerely invite friends from all over the world to join our various and colorful Chinese New Year activities and share this grand global Chinese festival.

Chinese Lunar New Year is a celebration for the nature, a celebration for the family, as well as a celebration and aspiration for the world harmony.




Source: China Digital Culture Group under Ministry of Culture