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What changes will the digital economy bring?
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CHENGDU, China, Aug. 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 25, iWorld 2019, hosted by IDG Asia, came to a successful conclusion at Chengdu New Century International Convention and Exhibition Center, and both exhibitors and visitors received fruitful results.

The previous three days attracted 100+ domestic and international top-level masters as well as 200+ mainstream brand exhibitors with 8 major exhibition areas, 6 forums and 5 special events. 300+ authoritative media covered the event, 100,000+ audiences participated in the event, jointly playing a symphony of digital economy.

Discussions about digital economy by masters

The world-class event of iWorld 2019 was characterized by "empowerment, integration and innovation" and known for the distinctive features of internationalization, high-end orientation, specialization and marketization. Composed of five parallel forums, namely the 17th China International Software Cooperation Fair and iWorld Conference 2019, exploration of blockchain technology applications, 5G+VR new ecology, digital talents for an enlightened future, and brand innovation empowered commercial development, and the World Digital Economy Conference, iWorld brought together over 100 government leaders, business elites, technology giants, academic leaders, venture capital investors, etc., who spoke on the cutting-edge technologies, hot issues and industry trends of the digital economy, and explored how digital economy would promote social development to empower the industry.

iWorld 2019, held at the same time as the expo, attracted many experts, and they gathered here to plan for the development of digital economy, and draw a blueprint for the development of the digital economy. Luo Qiang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee and Mayor of Chengdu City; Tan Jianrong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Cao Junjie, Vice Mayor of Chengdu City; Zhou Zixue, Vice President of China Information Technology Industry Federation and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation; Pi Yiming, Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and Information Technology of Sichuan Province; and Xu Zhou, President of IDG Asia attended the event.

In the three-day event, experts, scholars and entrepreneurial elites from different fields at home and abroad presented a feast of thoughts and wisdom at each forum around the theme of "new business models created by digital economy" in combination with their own research and work field. After listening to the speeches by the honored guests, the audiences raised questions from different perspectives to the guests, pushing the atmosphere of the forum to a climax again.

At the press conference of the iWorld 2019, Jennifer Xu, President of IDG Asia, said that this year is the fourth year for iWorld to settle in Chengdu. Looking back on these four years, iWorld is getting better and better in Chengdu, and we are also seeing satisfactory data. The output value of Chengdu's electronic information technology has grown from nearly 500 billion in 2016 to 600 billion in 2017 and 733 billion in 2018, growing at a rate of no less than 100 billion per year. We are very happy to build this platform and share the experience of the most advanced information technology in the world with you every year.

The masters' thoughts created the spark of wisdom, condensed into the broadest ideological consensus, and guided the high-quality development of digital economy.

Cutting-edge technology products emerged and led the forefront industry

iWorld was more than an ordinary exhibition largely because of the new technologies, new products and new models exhibited at the event.

This year's expo was a large scale one with more than 200 domestic and foreign mainstream brands exhibiting in an exhibition area of 22,000 square meters. The exhibition covered eight major fields, namely, interconnection technology, technology sports, virtual reality, smart cars, innovation and entrepreneurship, digital entertainment, digital health, software city, etc. People profoundly felt that a new era of digital economy, which is empowered by new technologies and new ideas, was on the way.

During the exhibition, in the major exhibition areas, all kinds of high-grade, cutting-edge, and advanced products constantly refreshed people's perceptions.

In the smart car exhibition area, Mercedes-Benz's new generation of Mercedes-Benz long-wheelbase C-Class vehicle redefined the market segment with new design, comfort and smart technology. NIO demonstrated the first production model - ES8, with a maximum power of 480KW, a maximum torque of 840N·m, and a 0-100 acceleration capability of only 4.4, became the first 100% domestic-made 100% pure electric SUV to compete with foreign high-end SUVs, attracting plenty audiences.

In the sports technology exhibition area, Airhouse, a company committed to the development and promotion of Chinese curling, showcased the professional equipment such as curling, ice repairers, curling shoes, ultra-light carbon fiber curling rods. The ultra-light carbon fiber curling rod weighing only 285 grams was 40%-60% lighter than other models as the lightest and most efficient curling rod on the market and also the rod used by the national curling team and national wheelchair curling team. AST from Austria showcased the mammoth series of ice-pouring trucks with an environmentally friendly, efficient and user-friendly control system, low noises, remote diagnostic services, patented rapid tool changer, etc. With a snow box capacity of 1.8 m3 to 4.1 m3, it was the best choice for ice-surfaces stadium with an area of 800 m2 to 1800 m2.

There were wonderful events everywhere.

The high-quality brand channel dealers' special cooperation fair specially held during iWord became an excellent platform to connect brand suppliers and quality channel purchasers. Quality buyers such as Yokado, Capitaland Charm City, Wangfujing Department Store showed their interest. They communicated one to one and made transactions face to face, which reduced intermediate links, saved procurement costs, improved procurement efficiency, and promoted win-win cooperation between buyers and suppliers.

While the fair was held, the winners of iWorld the Best Award and the Technology Talents Selection Competition were unveiled before the audiences. ZMT, Chongqing Cheyun Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Jiatui Technology Co., Ltd., SeetaTech, and other enterprises won iWorld the Best Award. Li Zhuodong from Fanmi iCloud, Yang Xia from Chengdu Beosin, Li Guangmeng from Chengdu Maijiekang Technology Co., Ltd., and Chengdu Aikesener Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Technology Talents Award", and the audiences witnessed their glorious moments.

In addition to business opportunities and big prizes, there were exciting iWorld eSports tournament and robot fighting. This year's e-Sports was aimed at the two popular game projects of Honor of Kings and StarCraft. Through the on-site eSports games, top players and famous teams at home and abroad launched fierce battles. The robot fighting staged an "Iron Armor Hegemony" contest full of fun and technology. The top teams from all over the world fought in pairs and won the championship, bringing the audiences a different viewing experience.

The organizer said that iWorld was dedicated to building a dialogue and exchange platform for international high-end digital economy, focusing on the latest scientific and technological achievements and business models in the digital economy at home and abroad. Both exhibitors and participants could take this opportunity and the platform to communicate with each other and plan for new developments in the digital economy.

All the past is a prologue. The win-win cooperation that iWorld Digital World Expo advocates will never end, and the wonderful stories of digital economy will continue. Facing the future, iWorld will always stay connected with the world to create a brilliant future.

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