Ixonos 3D Engine Leads the Way in Natural and Truly Engaging 3D User Experiences

2012-04-12 15:00 1676

BEIJING, April 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Ixonos has created the world's first 3D engine designed to offer sustainable beauty with natural and pleasant user experiences. The Ixonos 3D Engine™ is now ready to deliver customized 3D user interfaces for devices of all shapes and sizes - platform and chipset agnostically. Ixonos offered an exclusive preview of the engine's capabilities by showcasing two reference 3D user interface designs to the visitors at the Mobile World Congress in February. Now Ixonos brings the demos also to Beijing for the Intel Developer Forum on 11-12 April 2012.

At the height of the 3D user interface boom, Ixonos concentrated on what consumers want and need from their wireless devices and came to the conclusion that excellent usability overrules visual flair. "Everyone knows that 3D technology enables the creation of stunning visuals, but according to our user experience, philosophy pretty isn't enough: 3D functionalities should also improve the user experience for the consumer", says Sami Paihonen, head of User Experience Design at Ixonos.

The Ixonos 3D Engine was specifically designed to enhance the way consumers interact with touch screen devices. "By mimicking the way objects behave in the physical world, we have been able to create foreseeable interactions that match users' expectations and therefore feel natural to the consumer", Mr Paihonen explains. Ixonos' reference user interface includes a message stream, an address book, a calendar and a photo gallery based on natural interactions. For example, dragging the corner of a digital image resembles handling an actual physical photo: the photo bends and reflects light according to how the user moves it.

The Ixonos 3D Engine was received with rave reviews by current and potential customers and partners, as well as by the media, during the preview at MWC. "Many of our customers were pleased to discover how suitable the 3D UI was for making the most out of the existing capabilities of their devices and how this helps to differentiate their products from other similar products", comments Antti Aumo, head of marketing at Ixonos.

With the Ixonos 3D Engine, Ixonos can offer rapid design and implementation of customized 3D UI identities across the range of products from low to high end. The engine uses optimized 3D rendering and utilizes the device's own CPU and GPU chips, which means that customer-specific UI implementations are guaranteed to perform according to the highest standards on all manner of devices.

The engine does not limit Ixonos to work only with specific technologies, but enables rapid and easy implementation of 3D user interfaces for all major platforms, including Tizen, Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. Since Barcelona, Ixonos has been developing 3D user interface demos for various customers to show how customized implementations work in the real world regardless of the platform and device category. In addition to the wide range of platforms Ixonos has already been working with, a 3D user interface demo for Tizen based devices is already underway.  


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