Jinan Innovation Zone: Lighting the flame of innovation

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BEIJING, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by on Jinan Innovation Zone:

Jinan Innovation Zone was founded in 1991 as one of China's first national high-tech zones. Since then, Jinan, famous in China as the "City of Springs," has become well-known as a center of technology and innovation.

The development can be seen through several stories: 

If you've been to China in recent years, you will no doubt be familiar with smart payment. Wang Yue, dubbed the "Father of QR Code" in China, founded the Inspiry Institute of Smart Payment Industry in Jinan Innovation Zone in collaboration with the Shandong Institute of Industrial Technology, with the aim of developing a new industrial ecosystem. At present, Inspiry has provided 500,000 speakers for payment alerts to India, and is also promoting QR code-based mobile payments for vending machines in Japan to foster a smart payment model with finance-level security.

The Palace Museum-themed lipsticks produced by Bloomage Biotech have been a big hit with the public. Rich in hyaluronic acid, the lipsticks are uniquely hydrating. Back in the 1990s, the acid was an expensive raw material, costing $5,000 per kilogram. Bloomage chief scientist Guo Xueping and his team took the lead in breaking down the technical barrier in the sector and made a big step forward in industrial production. Today, Bloomage Biotech accounts for nearly half of the global market share of the sector. Meanwhile, Jinan Innovation Zone has also become the world's largest hub for the production and sale of hyaluronic acid.

With its sound institutional and policy ecosystem, Jinan Innovation Zone continues pooling resources and seeking new progress. This dynamic highland of sci-tech innovation has made numerous achievements over the past 30 years. These include: the first high-end fault tolerant computer with proprietary intellectual property rights and smart truck in China, and the first large-size single crystal lithium niobate thin films of nanometer thickness, 40,000W ultra-high-power laser cutting machine, and mixed cord blood transplantation in the world.

Scientific and technological innovation resources have converged at Jinan Innovation Zone. The zone is home to a range of high-level R&D platforms, including Jinan Science and Innovation City of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinan Base of National Laboratory for Quantum Information Science, and China Arithmetic Valley. It also boasts 260 R&D institutions above provincial level, 1,214 high-tech enterprises, 2,358 innovative businesses and 120 listed firms.

Foreign companies have also flocked here. German industrial control and automation company Festo established its largest and most technologically advanced production center and logistics base here. The world-class electrical equipment manufacturer Hitachi has launched a key strategic cooperation project in the zone, becoming one of four major 1,100kV gas insulated switchgear manufacturers in China. In addition, Jinan Innovation Zone is developing green, new energy-driven and energy-saving industries to contribute to addressing climate change.

As a new highland of innovation along the Yellow River, Jinan Innovation Zone is striving to open up wider and is looking forward to sharing its experiences and conducting exchanges with more countries and regions, so that the torch of innovation can illuminate more places around the world.

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Jinan Innovation Zone: Lighting the flame of innovation

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