KKBOX Group and Bitmark's Open Letter to Beatmakers

2020-07-21 21:00 1099

TAIPEI, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Terence Leong, Group Chief Content Officer, KKBOX Group / Co-founder, OurSong & KKFARM, and Sean Moss-Pultz, Co-Founder & CEO, Bitmark Inc., have jointly issue an open letter to Beatmakers.

The corresponding letter is provided below:

Every generation brings something new to the world. Your generation is going to liberate music and creativity. We believe your creativity and rights should never be compromised - you deserve better. 

For most of the popular music today, with no beat, there is no song. However, there is another aspect which is often overlooked: recognition, both personal and financial. We know that money is not a primary incentive in creating culture, but beatmakers should reap the success and recognition should their beats become hit songs. 

OurBeat is a musical ecosystem for beatmakers. Anyone who registers their beats with our app can freely sample and remix beats from other OurBeat creators. Those beats are streamed on OurBeat Radio - free of cost for anyone to listen to, free of cost for anyone to contribute to. A constant 24/7 ad-free stream created by you and the OurBeat community.

Sell your beats across the Internet and never worry about being unable to track where your beats end up. If your beat ends up on the top of the charts, you will be duly compensated and credited for it. Likewise, we know you do not want to have accidentally ripped someone else off. 

How do rights work? Who talks to who? Where do you get clearance for what? OurBeat simplifies this complicated world of copyright and makes it easy to understand and inspiring for you as a beatmaker.

Today, we stand at the edge of a maturing digital music world. We're excited about OurBeat, and we want to help you create freely, without worry and break new heights of collaboration.

Join our mailing list to be part of this exciting new initiative. We welcome beatmakers, musicians, creators, music lovers, developers and futurists alike to join us on this journey to reimagine the limits of digital collaboration.


Terence Leong, Group Chief Content Officer, KKBOX Group / Co-founder, OurSong & KKFARM
Sean Moss-Pultz, Co-Founder & CEO, Bitmark Inc.

About KKBOX Group

KKBOX Group is Asia's leading music entertainment company. Started by a group of music loving Internet software developers, we built and launched one of the world's first music streaming services in 2005. Based in Taipei, the heart of Chinese pop music, we gradually grew our business from Taiwan out to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Ever curious towards reinvention and discovering new business models of the future, we have expanded our business scope from music streaming to live events, technology services, content, investments and continue to explore reinvention through innovation in the digital entertainment space.

About Bitmark

Bitmark restores trust in data by democratizing rights control for any digital resource at scale, including media, personal data, and information. Bitmark's work with KKBOX Group on OurBeat empowers creators, simplifying rights management for all beat makers.

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