LUVME HAIR introduces two easy to wear and affordable wigs

The Pandemic Changes the Way People Wear Wigs
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NEW YORK, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As many people are transitioning to wigs or buying multiples, consumers' demands were noticed by LUVME HAIR. A survey from LUVME shows that most people were not good at wearing lace wigs. And due to financial reasons caused by pandemic, many people face difficulties such as unemployment and lower wages, for which they are discouraged from purchasing a wig. To make it easier for more people to wear a wig, LUVME HAIR quickly took action. "We launched the wigs that can be worn independently by yourself at home, " LUVME HAIR's senior product manager, Linda said. Subsequently, LUVMA HAIR introduced two quick-easy wear and affordable wigs, the headband wig and the glueless undetectable lace wig, which soon broke the previous market pattern that has been dominated by lace wigs.

Those two kinds of wig are both made of 100% virgin hair with the addition of the elastic band, simplifying the wearing process. Buyer can make a perfect look within a few minutes, for what they need to do is to put the wig on their heads. What's more, both of them are at a "consumer-friendly" price. Consumers can have a easily installed human hair wig for around $150. "During the pandemic, I was really faced with a lower income, but wigs were something I really needed, and LUVME HAIR provided a wig with such a affordable price that really solved my problem," One of LUVME HAIR's customers Angilee said. In addition to easy to wear, LUVME HAIR's glueless undetectable lace wig also took the most advanced lace technology that make a more natural, comfortable wig wearing experience.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant changes in the global economy, disrupting the business models of many industries and dramatically altering the purchasing behavior of many consumers.

The global wig industry has also been shocked by the crisis. For the past, people buy wigs was through offline stores and then go to the salon to install and restyle the wigs. The whole process can cost about $ 400 or more. And if consumers are after the celebrity version of the wig experience, then it'll spend at least $1000. As the installation is difficult and costly, the wig generally can not be removed for cleaning at anytime they want after installation. People always wait a period to clean it, which not only make them feel uncomfortable but also bring another increase in the cost of wig care.

Because of the pandemic, most businesses and salons were forced to close their doors entirely. Hairstylist Jada Burroughs from NY exclaimed, "Our livelihood was lost overnight. Because of the pandemic, we can hardly open. Even though there are many customers want to come here to install wigs, but we can't provide that." At the same time, people were recommended staying at home and self-quarantine for safety. "Beauty routines play a huge role in our daily lives," Sylvie Goumou, a fashionista said, "When you can't go out to get your wig install or install it by yourself perfectly, your everyday life can feel out of whack." Therefore the hair beauty issue has become a current concern by many people.

Now the pandemic has slightly recovered, people still wear their masks on when they go out. Because wearing a mask covers most of face, it feels that the recognition of people is reducing. When the face is covered, most of the impression one makes comes from the hairstyle. So people are more concerned about the hairstyle and want to present a perfect image to others.

In the future, LUVME HAIR will continue to pay attention to customer demands and work assiduously to provide a better fashion experience for global consumers.

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