LUVME HAIR: Why Wigs Have Become 2021 Graduating Fashion Trend

2021-05-29 09:17 1583

NEW YORK, May 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- LUVME HAIR, a prestigious wig brand, has observed a substantial increase in the number of customers coming to buy wigs for graduation ceremonies recently, and a rise in turnover compared to the previous years for this quarter. "For the latest months, there has been a significant increase in the percentage of purchasing our wigs as graduation matching or gifts. One of our customers who recently brought our wig, Alie, shares her graduation gift and photos with her friends with us. We are pleased to be able to bring happiness to these graduating children." said LUVME HAIR's customer service manager John.

According to LUVME HAIR's sales statistics, the best-selling wig styles for the 2021 graduation season tend to be mature hairstyles. Most girls choose the natural hair color, and the most popular one is the long length curly wig cover with mature glamour. The manager of LUVME HAIR's customer research center summarized, "In the choice of hairstyles, we can find that this segment of graduating students want to distinguish themselves from the youthfulness and become more grown-up and reliable. Since the wig they choose carries their aspirations towards future, we are glad to provide better wigs for them and hope our wigs can accompany and witness their growth.

For graduates who are now entering the new environment, it might be a considerable expense for preparing outfits that suitable for their coming job. Considering the limited financial capability of graduating students, LUVME HAIR is offering more privileges for them with a more affordable price of the products during the graduation season, hoping that they can enjoy the fashion and beauty looks brought by LUVME HAIR.

With the arrival of May and June, graduation season is coming here again! With the custom of commemorating significant moments, everyone hopes to show their best on this milestone day of graduation. "I'm just so grateful. I wouldn't be where I am with my parents, so I'm happy they'll be able to be here with me. I've been waiting for this moment!" said by graduating senior Taylor from UFABC.

According to Pinterest US trends, key words related to graduation such as graduation nails and graduation gifts have been on trend list for several weeks. Compared with previous years, searches associated with graduation hairstyles and wigs have also increased this year.

Unlike the online graduation ceremony in 2020, many schools such as United States Military and University Of Florida have announced that they will hold their spring offline graduation ceremony as usual as the pandemic turns into a recovery this year. These universities have stated that they'll gear up prevention measures in the ceremony. This meant that students who attend the offline graduation ceremony needed to wear masks to life pre-covid. As the most identifiable part of the face is covered, and with consistent bachelor's uniforms, hairstyles become the best self-expression for graduates. For which, Wigs have become one of the fashion trends of the 2021 graduation season. Turnover of the entire wig market has increased significantly during the graduation season.

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