Maritime Corrosion Protection and Integrity 2013 will be held in Shanghai this October!

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SHANGHAI, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, there will be a large capital investment in expanding and maintaining facilities for ocean resource development and sea transportation. At present, the maritime corrosion protection industry is facing the rapid development era, the average annual growth rate maintains more than 30%. Just in 2012, the market scale of maritime corrosion protection industry has already been more than 14 billion Yuan. And it is predicted that by the end of 2015, the output of maritime economic will reach 7.05 trillion Yuan.

As a growing economy which is dependent of marine activities for transportation of goods and people as well as oil and gas supplies, marine structures in China need to be maintained to ensure these structures and assets are operated at their optimum capacity.

Maritime Corrosion Protection and Integrity 2013 (MCPI) will discuss the profound changes has come with the globalization of maritime corrosion risk management, the inspection for maritime corrosion and the latest corrosion protection technology. The conference is dedicated to deliver the latest in market insight, in-depth dialogues from global and local practitioners, and exceptional networking opportunities through a program of high-level participants. Hosted in Shanghai, China, the conference puts you at the heart of one of the largest and fastest-growing markets within the maritime corrosion related industry.

Highlights for 2013:

  • Employing different risk assessment methods and building maritime corrosion risk mitigation
  • Quantifying risks of maritime corrosion
  • Utilizing key inspection methods to analyze maritime corrosion effects
  • Employing and effective maintenance and replacement program for corroded parts
  • Engaging different corrosion protection methods and technologies to optimize assets and structures
  • Comprehend each corrosion protection method and technology to employ them emphatically

Why Attend?

  • Corrosion protection update - Focusing on latest available methods and technologies to increase protection
  • Risk assessment and inspection methods - Keeping up-to-date with latest developments in risk assessment and inspection of corroded assets and structures
  • Cost benefits of employing latest methodologies and technologies - Increasing cost savings on maintenance and replacement and at the same time increasing asset lifecycle
  • High level learning and networking - Exchange ideas and learn from your fellow corrosion experts
  • Targeted audience - Meet corrosion professionals for the maritime industry in a highly targeted conference environment



Maritime Corrosion Risk and Management, Corrosion Inspection for Maritime Structures10th October 2013)

  • Assessing and quantifying maritime corrosion risk and quantifying them
  • Employing a set of risk assessment methods to compile and compare their corrosion results
  • Utilizing effective corrosion inspection methods of maritime structures
  • Analyzing inspection result and managing the maintenance process

Corrosion Protection Advancement and Technology11th October, 2013

  • Exploring latest corrosion protection methods and technologies
  • Managing a wide variety of corrosion mediums to increase overall protection
  • Analyzing the protection properties of the latest corrosion protection methods and technologies

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