Markor Furnishings Marks 20th Anniversary with Renovation of Meijiang Store in Tianjin, China

Blending classic and contemporary aesthetics, Markor embarks on a new era of home design

TIANJIN, China, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, Markor International Home Furnishings ("MIHF") (SHE:600337), a leading Chinese home furnishings retailer, held a re-opening ceremony for its renovated Tianjin Meijiang store, which was the very first Markor Furnishings store opened in 2002. The event was attended by Markor International Home Furnishings chairman Mark Feng, general manager Mou Li, deputy general manager Zhao Jing, and other guests and members of the media. Alessandro Fabrini, president of Caracole Home Furnishings, subsidiary of MIHF, was also present at the event.

New store layout - four distinct zones infused with classic elements, pollinating art to life

The design of the Tianjin Meijiang store presents a refreshing take on store layout. Drawing from extensive knowledge of the global home consumer market, design trends, and profound consumer insights, the Markor design team seamlessly integrates existing brands and product portfolios into distinct zones: Modern and Minimalist, Fashion and Light Luxury, Revival of Classics, and Connoisseurship. These spaces highlight a unique lifestyle aesthetic by blending modern and traditional Chinese elements, while also resonating between technology and tradition. The outcome is a captivating homage to artistic heritage and a reflection of evolving lifestyles.

New services - an all-inclusive, bespoken package to provide one-stop services for consumers

Leveraging its robust international design team and global network of exceptional designers, Markor Furnishings introduces a highly customized, all-inclusive package that embodies the brand's unique artistic DNA. Utilizing its "techno-artistic" manufacturing facilities and global supply chain ecosystem, the company aims to deliver an elevated level of customized home solutions to consumers. With a steadfast focus on individual demands, authentic taste, meticulousness, and craftsmanship, the comprehensive solution offers a full range of high quality services from design to manufacturing to delivery, by pioneering this approach, Markor aims to spearhead the evolution of the domestic mid- to high-end home furnishings consumer market, redefining the bespoke furniture solution in the new era of interior design. In response to the distinct aesthetic preferences of next-gen home decor consumers, Markor Furnishings remains committed to collaborating with artists and designers worldwide.

New experience - an immersive artistic space created to transform your home into an "idyllic retreat"

The Tianjin Meijiang store has added a new area, the Dream-Making zone, dedicated to crafting a visually pleasing and serene environment that fosters a restful, good night's sleep. The specialized area focuses on creating an appealing sleep space while providing a tranquil ambiance ideal for rejuvenation.

Additionally, the store has also built a special interactive parent-child space, conceived specifically for young Chinese families. The space encourages parents to engage with their children while educating them the basics of aesthetics and design.

Finally, consumers can be immersed in the delightful experience of afternoon tea at Markor Furnishings. The experience offers an opportunity to settle down in the aesthetic allure of "future concept" art, providing a tranquil respite physically and psychologically.

Markor Furnishings not only provides its consumers with a timeless lifestyle filled with artistic inspiration but also ensures exceptional professional services by offering a diverse selection of creative styles and a wide range of customizable designs. With an unwavering dedication to becoming a quintessential brand for its consumers, the re-opening of the Tianjin Meijiang store exemplifies the brand's consumer-centric approach and its commitment to ongoing refinement in design, product offerings, cultural enrichment, and integral experience. This renewal and enhancement further consolidate Markor Furnishings' position as a trusted and revered brand in the industry.

Source: Markor International Home Furnishings
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