MARU Changjakso Inc., a Korea Tourism Organization certified Tourism Business Venture, launches webcomics 'Korean Friends'

Provides Korean tourism information through unique characters with a sense of humor
MARU Changjakso Inc.
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SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, MARU Changjakso Inc., a small start-up company in Korea, launched the English version of its webcomic 'Korean Friends' on Instagram and Facebook. The webcomic provides information about Korean tourism and is distributed to Korean and global audiences. Webtoons (webcomics) are expected to lead the future of Korean cultural trends as the core content, hence, communicating information about Korea via webcomics has significant meanings.

Webcomics that connects Korea through creative contents,
Webcomics that connects Korea through creative contents,

MARU Changjakso Inc. is a tourism business venture company that received certification for its professional content from the Korean government. As an official partner with the Korea Tourism Organization, MARU Changjakso Inc. has been publishing multiple waves of .tourism information webcomics in Korean version therein.

The title of webcomic from MARU Changjakso is 'Korean Friends', which is now available from its Facebook and Instagram page. The comic's international fan base is growing. The story about a man, his dog, and cat narrates information about traveling in Korea including food, language, tradition, culture, K-pop and even superstitions, with a sense of humor.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects is the character's ironic appearance; their traditional hair-do with modern clothes. MARU Changjakso Inc. explains that the design reflects the current status of Korea, where the tradition and modernism coexist.

The reason 'Korean Friends' is well loved is that it stays away from the cliches of Korean tourist guidebook. It does not list boring information but talks about interesting cultural factors, for example, it talks about superstitious beliefs, including the one about "writing one's name in red will lead to death", and also what to say when you are making a toast.

The second reason is its loveable characters: Kim san, a man from the past rocking a Korean's traditional hat (Gat), his dog, Jindo (Korea's most famous dog breed), and cat wearing hanbok (Korean traditional attire). Their fashion, as well as cute appearance, are attracting dog and cat lovers from all over the world.

Lastly, it also has a prequel series that talks about the hidden stories about the characters. Fans can learn about the reason why the characters had to travel across time to modern day Korea in the feature films.

MARU Changjakso Inc. stated that it will continue to create interesting content and webcomics including 'Korean Friends' to provide various Korean tourism and cultural information to all the people who love Korean culture.

MARU Changjakso Inc. provides various Korean Tourism information through interesting comics, and connects the fans and people who love Korea through contents.

Korea Tourism Organization certified Tourism Business Venture (18C-17b008)


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