MERACH unveils the first foldable light commercial treadmill and the 5CM super ultra-thin treadmill at 2019 Global New Products Conference

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LAS VEGAS, May 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On the evening of May 28, MERACH, a leading manufacturer of sports equipment, held the 2019 global new product launch in Las Vegas. MERACH has released four family fitness products aimed at global consumers: the first foldable light commercial treadmill Diamond, the 5CM super ultra-thin treadmill Blade, the future magnetoresistive spinning Silver moon and the high-end commercial spinning Obsidian Knight.

Mr. Carter, Vice President of MERACH North America
Mr. Carter, Vice President of MERACH North America

Mr. Carter, Vice President of MERACH North America, said that the reason why the global launch event was held in the United States was because MERACH was accelerating its globalization strategy. Through this press conference, hopefully that it will become a more globally competitive product, reinforce the communication with American consumers, let American users know about MERACH products, and recognize the brand and ideas of MERACH. The biggest competitive edge of MERACH products in the United States is innovation. The brand mission of MERACH is not only to explore new possibilities, but also to break through the tradition in product design and experience, and what display in this global release, is full of such innovative products.

MERACH Diamond is the world's first folding light business treadmill, which is the work of the current lightweight running mechanism. It integrates innovative technologies such as aerospace grade all-aluminum alloy solderless technology, four-point suspension damping, hydraulic semi-automatic folding, and it is also the first uber-luxurious home treadmill product.

The ultra-thin 5CM treadmill Blade is the world's thinnest 520cm wide running belt treadmill. Behind the ultra-thin aluminum alloy body, is a new generation of ultra-fine manufacturing techniques and a redesign of the internal structure for the treadmill. With 520cm super-wide running area, users will enjoy this product.

Future magnetoresistive spinning Silver Moon is the first product designed by MERACH in collaboration with top European teams, Inspired by the design concepts of Apple, which creates the stunning future concept spinning worldwide.

Professional class luxury home spinning, Obsidian Knight, is the highest end of commercial spinning product, focusing on electronic control reluctance system and MRC professional motion matrix, its top performance configuration and luxurious and noble appearance design are perfect for successful people.

At the conference, MERACH also announced that the new MERACH fascia gun would launch a global new product crowdfunding campaign on the US crowdfunding website IGG.

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