MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held at EFC Hangzhou

HANGZHOU, China, July 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF), a highly influential event dedicated to promoting exchanges between China and the US on high-tech projects, was held at Euro America Financial City (EFC) in Hangzhou on June 29.

Panoramic view of the MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF)
Panoramic view of the MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (MIT-CHIEF)

The forum attracted more than 200 guests from local government agencies, investors, startup service organizations and media outlets, including more than 50 well-known investment firms, among them: Microsoft China, Deloitte China, Chinaccelerator, Wanxiang VC, InCapital and Zheshang Venture Capital. Several one-on-one discussions and exchanges of opinion concerning some of the projects took place during the event.

MIT-CHIEF, a platform for the industry and academia to exchange ideas about the status and development trends as concerns China's technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, serves as the catalyst for the launch of numerous important projects in China every year. This year, 14 projects were in the event's roadshow, mainly in AI, fintech and IoT, as well as high-tech applications within the healthcare sector, with some of them having the potential to become new unicorns in their respective fields over the next two to three years.

In addition to the roadshow, MIT-CHIEF formally established the MIT-CHIEF Zhejiang Exchange Center in EFC. The center will act as a clearinghouse through which MIT-CHIEF and EFC will jointly seek more resources and set up a mechanism for starting or becoming involved in additional leading global innovation and entrepreneurship projects as well as gather together project teams, including high-level talent from abroad, in a move to bring China to the fore as a key player in the next stage of progress in high-tech fields.

Li Li, senior vice president of Jiangong Real Estate and the owner of EFC Hangzhou, said, "MIT-CHIEF has built a bridge between project startups and China's resources for both entrepreneurship and capital. G5, an international platform and community created by EFC, has set up branches in Hangzhou, Sydney, London, Silicon Valley and Toronto, and established a global innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Of note, the Zhejiang-Australia Overseas Innovation Incubator Center, co-established by the G5 Innovation Center in Australia and the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, has been included in the list of the first international innovation incubators that will receive enormous support from the government of Zhejiang province."

About G5

G5 is a cross-border ecosystem established by entrepreneurs, investors, companies with a recognized leadership role in their respective industry, leading university labs and startup service organizations such as international incubators, accelerators and operators of shared workspaces. Headquartered in EFC Hangzhou, G5's mission is to identify new models for early-stage entrepreneurship and support the evolution and growth of these new models through its cross-border ecosystem in China, the US, the UK, Australia and Canada.

MIT-CHIEF Zhejiang Exchange Center established
MIT-CHIEF Zhejiang Exchange Center established


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Source: Euro America Financial City (EFC)