MORUS Brings New Clothes Drying Solution to CES 2019

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MORUS, a hardware innovation startup, is revealing a new clothes dryer, the Zero, with innovative drying technology, at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas ( CES 2019). This energy-saving dryer features both high-speed drying and fabric texture protection.

A working prototype of this innovative and appealing product will be on display at the company's booth, NO.21255, South Hall 1 in the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 8-11.

Over the years, appliance efficiency has been a key area of concern for manufacturers. Dryer brands get into an endless loop when they pursue both drying speed and appliance efficiency. For conventional thermal dryers, the two essential elements are the heat and airflow. The speed of water evaporation is limited by the atmospheric pressure, as water boils at 100oC, but this falls as atmospheric pressure decreases. MORUS' new Zero vacuum clothes dryer is able to harness the pressure inside the dryer to lower the boiling point of the water. Through this method, called vacuum dehydration, it can achieve low-temperature, low-energy-consumption and high-speed clothes drying. This is a proven technology widely used in the food drying industry, and while it may sound easy enough, one of the biggest challenges was designing a vacuum pump that is compact and maintenance-free, as industrial vacuum pumps are always huge.

So what are the advantages of this vacuum clothes dryer? First, the drying process is much faster because the Zero allows the water in the clothes to boil at a lower temperature, so the water will evaporate more easily. Second, vacuum drying can significantly reduce energy use. Clothes dryers are a critical part of the country's energy load, using up to 4% of residential consumption in the United States. The Zero is more energy-efficient because it does not need to heat the drum to a high temperature because the boiling point of water is lowered. Last but not least, the Zero drying clothes at a low temperature protects them. Overheated tumble drying reduces the strength of textiles, and it is a main cause of fabric wear damage.


MORUS is a hardware innovator that specializes in the development and production of smart home appliances. Backed by years of R&D and production experience in the drone and medical care fields, MORUS' core team is committed to making housework smarter by using advanced automation control tools from the robotics industry, as well as other related industries, to cut steps and reduce the time that it takes to complete everyday tasks, making life much more pleasant. For more information, visit:


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