Original Fairy Tale Ballet "The Nine-Colored Deer" Performed Successfully

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BEIJING, Aug. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 28, in the prolonged applause, the performance of the original fairy tale ballet "The Nine-Colored Deer" came to a successful conclusion at the "Tianqiao Theater" in Beijing. The choreographer of the play Daxue Yu from Beijing Tao Li Wu Yan Culture & Art Co., Lt adapted and sublimated the mysterious, fantastic, childlike and thought-provoking ancient mythology in the Dunhuang mural "Jataka of the Deer King", and presented it on the stage for the first time in a unique form of ballet art, interpreting this legend with a brand new interpretation and exquisite perspective. When the fairy tale ballet "The Nine-Colored Deer" was first adapted, Daxue Yu spent nearly a year to bring this mysterious and thought-provoking story to the ballet stage, conveying the values of harmony between man and nature and the honesty and trustworthiness between people. Although this year is the fifth time that "The Nine-Colored Deer" has been performed, it is still fresh and enduring in the minds of the audience.

Ms. Ying Feng, director and artistic director of the National Ballet of China, mentioned many times in interviews and articles: "the ballet 'The Nine-Colored Deer' is a model of local ballet in China, which has broken the stylized dance language of Western Ballet, formed the unique charm of Chinese ballet, creatively presented Chinese culture in the form of Western Ballet Art, and played an exemplary and guiding role in the development of Chinese ballet in the future."

Daxue Yu, the choreographer of "The Nine-Colored Deer", took a group photo with all the young actors
Daxue Yu, the choreographer of "The Nine-Colored Deer", took a group photo with all the young actors

For more than 20 years, Daxue Yu has always adhered to the exploration of dance innovation, and applied his innovative ideas to the choreography, making his works more innovative and distinctive. His diversified style of dance choreography is to shape the image of dance characters in the profound cultural connotation, and show the bright charm of cultural images through body language, hence many excellent works has also been created.

In addition to the representative work "The Nine-Colored Deer", Daxue Yu also created another fairy tale ballet "Swan Lake". He made a new interpretation of the classic works in a unique way, adapted the original story plot with love as the theme into a more educational theme of environmental protection, and told the children's good morality of caring for the nature. Through the re-creation of the theme of his works, he perfectly realized the combination of plot and characters' fate, and the combination of psychological emotion and concrete life, which made the works have a distinctive artistic form and made the characters in the dance more lively and vivid. The play has been performed 12 times in China with the audience of 24,000 people in total and has also appeared at the Edinburgh International Art Festival in the UK to promote environmental awareness to the world.

Another innovative representative work of Daxue Yu, the fairy tale Peking Opera "Pinocchio", adopted the performance form of Peking Opera for the first time to interpret the world's classic fairy tales, and displayed the styles and characteristics of different characters through the authentic tune, action and gorgeous costumes of Peking Opera. The play not only told the world's classic fairy tales, but also inherited the quintessence of Chinese art treasures, which was deeply loved by children, and even Peking Opera professionals were full of praise for the play. The play has also been staged at the Mermaid Theatre in London as part of a series of activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year in the UK. Londoners who came to see the show praised the play, describing it as refreshing with its Oriental charm.

Shortly after the public performance of these two representative works of Daxue Yu, a "diversified creative style" was set off in the domestic dance art circle, and his works were regarded as two phenomenal dance works. Professor Zhitao Pan, a famous dance educator, once commented on the dance creation of Daxue Yu: "Many works of Daxue Yu show the perfect integration of culture and art. By combining traditional cultural materials with modern creative ideas, he shows the innovation of cultural ideas in modern art forms. Daxue Yu's works also endow the new era with exploration and entry point, and try novel ways of expression in modern dance forms. Its unique artistic style of dance is the goal pursued by every dance choreographer. In the works of Daxue Yu, bold innovations were made in both dance forms and movements, as well as artistic expression techniques."

For the dance creation and choreography, Daxue Yu made a comprehensive consideration of imagination, space, strength, behavior and visual impact, which made his works unique and left an extraordinary feeling for the audience. Looking at Daxue Yu's continuous innovation along the way in the field of dance, Beijing Tao Li Wu Yan Culture & Art Co., Lt believe that he will bring more excellent works to audiences of different ages in the future.

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