OvenPlus, Portable Top-Down Grill with Pizza Oven, Now on Indiegogo for Less than $200

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DALLAS, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Designed to provide barbecue lovers and passionate home cooks a truly worry-free and versatile grilling experience, the Lovinflame team fuels creativity with OvenPlus, its first portable multifunction grill. Offering double cooking areas, the OvenPlus expands applications of a propane grill to include smokeless, nonstick top-down grilling, fast pizza baking, and the ability to create dishes for 8 people in 15 minutes. Launched on August 06, OvenPlus is available from USD189 (MSRP USD299) on Indiegogo at

"We believe a barbeque should be an event where everyone comes together to cook and enjoy delicious food. We've seen many people avoid working the grill out of fear of barbecue fails, so we designed OvenPlus, a device that can effectively solve the issues such as heat, smoke, and uneven cooking temperature of traditional grills," said Lovinflame. Key features of OvenPlus include:

Cook anything from pizza to risotto with 1 compact device

OvenPlus is half of the size of a standard outdoor grill, yet, in addition to a barbecue grill, it can work as gas cooker and pizza oven. You can grill steaks and cook dishes from sunny-side-up egg to seafood risotto with the upper ceramic tray at the same time. The unit also comes with exclusive recipes by Italian fine-dining chef to broaden the creative horizons with OvenPlus.

Professional-quality pizza ready to serve in 4 minutes

OvenPlus' ceramic tray can reach up to 840°F heat potential and serve as a pizza stone. It takes only 2 minutes to bake a crispy pizza crust. Just an additional 2 minutes to caramelize the cheese on the grill, a pizza with delicious golden brown look will be ready to serve.

Safer and tastier grilling top-down

OvenPlus' top-down grill design avoids grease dripping on the heat source and significantly reduces the risks of flareups. Additionally, as the heat source is above the grate, it sears the meat and locks the moisture inside, so every cut comes out juicy and tender.

Efficient and eco-friendly "Butterfly" burner design

OvenPlus is equipped with a single "Butterfly" plate-shaped burner, boosting the energy efficiency to up to 80%. It can reach 500°F in 10 minutes and heat the grill and the oven simultaneously. To ensure steady and even heat distribution, OvenPlus' thermal design is further enhanced with ventilation holes on the burner to allow an even convection with the guided channels and create a consistent cooking temperature.

About Lovinflame

Lovinflame is a Taiwanese brand builds on an appetite for innovation and has been revolutionizing burning systems and flame products since the past decade, and they strive to explore ways of using fire as safe and painless as possible while pursuing eco-friendliness, performance, and health. Though encountered many challenges with the top-down heat structure, they finally created the one-of-a-kind Butterfly burner and perfected the thermal design of OvenPlus. Join the online community to learn more about Lovinflame and OvenPlus at

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