Porton J-STAR and Enabling Technologies Consortium Collaboration on Co-processing Platform Technology Development

2024-07-08 22:00 1305

CHONGQING, China, July 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Porton J-STAR today announced that Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC) has awarded a two-year contract to J-STAR to collaborate on "Co-processing Platform Technology."

The primary goal of co-processing is to improve the reliability and efficiency of drug product manufacturing processes to support direct compression or continuous manufacturing techniques. Co-processed APIs offer solutions to challenges like inadequate powder flow, low bulk density, broad particle size distribution, and compressibility, facilitating direct compression. When traditional methods such as API crystallization through solvent selection, supersaturation control, seeding, or milling techniques are insufficient, co-processing of API with excipients can significantly improve the functional properties to overcome these challenges.

ETC members sought to establish a collaboration with a third party to develop co-processing platform technology to leverage this technique to avoid these API crystallization challenges. In order to select their collaborator, ETC had a public call requesting proposals for a co‑processing technology platform solution.  Following an extensive and rigorous evaluation of numerous proposals submitted by industry service providers and academic institutions, ETC selected Porton J-STAR to deliver commercial co-processing platform technology to the industry and scientific community. Under the terms of the Development Contract, ETC member companies will collaborate with Porton J-STAR to develop the Co-processing Technology Platform.

"As Porton J-STAR initiates it collaboration with ETC, we are poised to accelerate drug development, access cutting-edge technologies, establish industry standards, and enable our customers and the public to access quality medicines earlier." Dr. Renee Miao, General Manager of Porton J-Star remarked.

With this announcement, we are excited to introduce the "Co-processing Center," led by Dr. San Kiang, the leading expert on Co-processing and Chief Technology Officer at J-STAR.


About Enabling Technologies Consortium

The Enabling Technologies Consortium (ETC) comprises pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies working together on pharmaceutical chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC) challenges. Their goal is to identify, evaluate, develop, and enhance scientific tools and techniques to support efficient pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. The consortium's mission is to proactively identify high-value opportunities for delivering innovative technologies where a strong business case exists and collaboration with the broader external community is essential.

About Porton J-STAR

Founded in 2005, Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. (Porton) is an internationally recognized pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) enabling our global clients to optimize drug development and manufacturing. We provide custom development and manufacturing services for Small Molecules, TIDES and ADCs from pre-clinical to commercial. Porton is committed to becoming the most open, innovative, and reliable pharmaceutical service platform in the world and enabling the public's early access to good medicines. J-STAR is the US R&D Center of Porton.

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