Redtea Mobile Supports the Implementation of Integrated nuSIM for IoT

2020-05-07 21:00 956

SINGAPORE, May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Redtea Mobile, the pioneering connectivity solution provider has today announced that it has developed the trusted application to support the implementation launch of nuSIM solution, the integrated SIM for IoT, which brings clear benefits for cost efficiency, power consumption, and overall design simplicity, by moving the SIM function into the chipset.

The joint solution that for the first time fully integrates SIM functionality on a Qualcomm chipset has been developed in accordance with Deutsche Telekom's open nuSIM specification. It consists of a nuSIM operating system from Redtea Mobile in a Quectel BG95 module which contains a Qualcomm LTE 9205 chipset. The new nuSIM chipsets will be an integral part of low-cost devices used in mobile IoT applications with a long life-span, such as asset trackers or smart sensors. 

"An important aspect of our vision is providing easy orchestration means for IoT devices to enjoy easy deployment and ubiquitous connectivity. In this case, the trusted application is the nuSIM operating system, which has been developed by us according to Deutsche Telekom's open nuSIM specification," says Xiaodong Guo, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Projects at Redtea Mobile. "It provides all functionality to receive an encrypted nuSIM profile and securely process the contained elements so that the result delivers the functionality of the classical SIM. "

Since introducing nuSIM initiative at the beginning of last year, Deutsche Telekom has worked with various industry leading partners including Redtea Mobile, on the basis of an open specification to demonstrate our shared value to the ecosystem from concept stage to real implementations.

"Redtea Mobile is on a mission to simplify connectivity for a more productive world. We are proud to have been working with Deutsche Telekom and world leading companies including Qualcomm and Quectel in the respective fields of IoT chipsets, modules and digital security. Through our joint efforts, mobile operator data is added in a secure process at the time of module or device manufacturing. The end customer gets instant connectivity without any additional steps," adds Dr. Hui Jin, Co-founder and CEO at Redtea Mobile.

About Redtea Mobile

Redtea Mobile is a pioneering connectivity service provider established to develop eSIM core technology and make it valuable for industry verticals in regard to connectivity efficiency. By taking care of the complicated details of communications infrastructure and how cellular network works, Redtea is providing its customers (including mobile operators, device OEMs, chipset and module manufacturers) with a packaged connectivity service that is flexible, reliable, scalable, and simple enough to use, and has embedded its connectivity capability into over 250 million devices with global network resources covering 100+ countries and regions. Redtea is committed to being the world's leading CaaS (Connectivity-as-a-Service) company that makes connectivity into utility. For more information, please visit 


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