Rsupport works with Samsung Electronics as the global supplier of "Visual Support" solutions

- Samsung Electronics offers Visual Support with RemoteCall by Rsupport in 12 countries
- Recognized for customization and superior technology based on WebRTC technology, with no need for app installation
- Chosen by Samsung Electronics for seamless integration with existing system and operability
2019-08-06 16:25 1249

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Rsupport Co., Ltd. ("the Company") (, Seo Hyung-soo) has announced that the Company has provided Samsung Electronics Global with a dedicated solution of customer support service program: 'Visual Support'

Visual Support and RemoteCall supplied to Samsung Electronics allow customer support agents to assist customers via their mobile device cameras without installing an app
Visual Support and RemoteCall supplied to Samsung Electronics allow customer support agents to assist customers via their mobile device cameras without installing an app

Samsung Electronics is implementing Samsung Visual Support in 12 countries and plans to expand the service to more countries to provide fast and convenient support for customers using its products. Existing remote support was limited to devices connected to the Internet, such as mobile devices or PCs. However, thanks to this technology, Samsung Electronics' Visual Support agents can view the customer's surroundings on a browser via the customer's mobile device camera without the customer needing to install an app.

Samsung Electronics' global Visual Support service is powered by Rsupport's remote support solution 'RemoteCall' ( Rsupport has improved the overall quality of Visual Support by customizing the solution for Samsung Electronics.

Support agents will be able to better assist Samsung Electronics customers with their queries. One support agent who conducted the Visual Support using RemoteCall said, "When I explain how to locate and open a washing machine drain filter step-by-step, most of the time, customers are not able to follow what I'm saying. However, support has become surprisingly easier when using VisualSupport and RemoteCall to help the customer better visualize what I am explaining to them. They are able to follow my instructions and solve the problem."

Rsupport has already been recognized for its outstanding technical know-how and knowledge by introducing the WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication)-based videoconference service 'RemoteMeeting' ( Furthermore, Rsupport has integrated WebRTC into the remote support service RemoteCall to enable remote access without installing applications on mobile devices.

In the customer center, there are many dedicated solutions for various channels, countries, and inquiries. When introducing a new solution, compatibility and integration with existing systems is very important. In addition, reliability is a top priority because customer complaints increase if the call gets disconnected. RemoteCall has been recognized for its high compatibility and reliable service.

"Use of RemoteCall by Samsung Electronics proves not only its superior technology but also its competitiveness in the global market," said Seo Hyung-soo, president of Rsupport. "In the 5G era, the demand for customer support using real-time video will increase rapidly and hence its market."

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Rsupport is a global cloud based remote support ? control service provider with the largest share in Asia and domestic market. Its offers 'RemoteCall' (, a remote support solution for B2B customers and 'RemoteView' ( a remote control solution for enterprise · individual customers, 'RemoteMeeting' (, an easy to use online video conferencing service. For B2C, there is 'Mobizen Screen Recorder' ( that specializes in mobile screen recording and 'Mobizen Mirroring' ( to mirror the mobile device's screen to the PC.

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